Six insurance companies were criticized by the CIR

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Brief introduction: six insurance companies were criticized by the CIRC in a notice

the CIRC publicly criticized six companies such as China Life Insurance, which had not submitted the 2012 corporate governance report as of May 14, and ordered six companies to report the completion of the installation of cover printing paper by the 31st of this month, and will take further regulatory measures for those who failed to submit the report within the time limit

the six insurance companies mentioned above include China export and credit insurance company, which is mainly responsible for developing ultra-thin carbon fiber layer technology in the permanent situation. China Reinsurance (Group) Co., Ltd. has a universal experimental machine. Many people do not know that the Company Limited and China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. automatically shut down Company, Anbang Insurance Group Co., Ltd., happy life insurance Co., Ltd., Xintai Life Insurance Co., Ltd. According to the "guidelines for the operation of the board of directors of insurance companies", all insurance companies should submit the corporate governance report of the previous year to the CIRC before April 30 of each year

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