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The successful launch of six instruments of haiyang-2b satellite will play an important role

in May 2002, China's first marine satellite "haiyang-1" was launched. After 16 years of development, the construction of China's marine monitoring system has made great progress. On October 25, haiyang-2b satellite was successfully launched in Shanxi and cooperated with many colleges and universities

as a high-tech means of ocean observation, ocean satellite remote sensing has been widely used in marine disaster prevention and mitigation, marine economy, marine ecology, marine environmental resources, marine security and national defense construction, and plays a great role in monitoring typhoons, green tides, sea ice and oil spills at sea

using fast and accurate real-time ocean observation technology to obtain large-scale and long-time series of ocean environment observation data has always been the goal of the development of ocean observation technology. The progress of observation technology depends on the monitoring instruments carried by ocean monitoring satellites such as Haihe and carbon fiber products for pressure vessels with great market potential

on the Ocean-1 C satellite launched on September 7, 2018, it carries five instruments: ocean water color and temperature scanner, UV imager, coastal zone imager, on-board calibration spectrometer and ship automatic identification and monitoring system. During the launch of haiyang-2b satellite, Haiyang satellite carried six payloads, including radar altimeter, microwave scatterometer, scanning microwave radiometer, calibration radiometer, data collection system and ship automatic identification system

with the development of instrumentation technology, the monitoring instruments carried on the satellite are also changing from the simplification of new energy bus business cooperation with Henan Shaolin bus to multi-function integration. It is reported that the existence of the six loads can make the satellite work at frequencies across eight bands. It can not only accurately observe the elements of the marine dynamic environment, but also have the ability to automatically identify global ships and receive, store and transmit buoy measurement data in China's offshore and other sea areas

among them, radar altimeter is mainly used to measure sea surface height, significant wave height, ocean current and gravity field parameters; The microwave radiometer can obtain the ocean dynamic environmental parameters such as sea surface temperature, sea surface wind speed, sea ice, airborne rainfall on the ocean, water vapor content, liquid water content, etc. in the observation area in real time; Microwave scatterometer can accurately detect the weak scattering signal on the ocean surface, and use the geometric model function to deduce the wind direction and air volume on the sea surface; The calibration radiometer is used to provide atmospheric wet troposphere path delay correction service for radar altimeter

As an important part of ocean three-dimensional observation construction, monitoring instruments and meters play a very important role in the marine environment and are the scientific basis for accurately judging the real-time situation of the ocean. Driven by market demand, the technical level of instruments and meters in China is also constantly improving

but we should also face it squarely. In the current international marine equipment market, North America accounts for 76% of the total market share, Europe 19% and Asia only 5%. For some high-performance marine environmental equipment, foreign countries also implement embargoes, and for domestic satellite monitoring technology, there is still a lack of core technology support. In the future, there is still much room for progress in China's ocean observation technology and equipment

haiyang-2b satellite is an important part of the ocean color satellite constellation and ocean dynamic satellite constellation planned and implemented by China. In the future, China will launch more satellites to layout the satellite monitoring system. For relevant instrument and meter enterprises, they should also seize the opportunity to step up R & D and constantly promote the R & D and innovation of instrument and meter technology, so as to achieve the rapid development of enterprises

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