Six highlights of cooperation with Jotun in the ey

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Six highlights of cooperation with Jotun in the eyes of the owner

six highlights of cooperation with Jotun in the eyes of the owner

August 10, 2020

recently, the "Golden Bee Cup" petrochemical industry material procurement Case Competition held by the supply chain working committee of the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries was in full swing. During the competition, a total of 160 submissions from petrochemical enterprises and upstream and downstream related enterprises were received

the sharing content covers the experience and lessons related to petrochemical procurement, such as procurement strategy, procurement demand plan, technology and contract negotiation, service outsourcing and engineering construction supervision, warehousing and warehousing management, construction and application of digital procurement system, etc. It is full of dry goods, and the paint is highly praised in the industry

in September this year, the submitted works that meet the requirements of this competition will be compiled into a volume called "practical wisdom of enterprise procurement" and published publicly

Golden Bee cup petrochemical industry material procurement Case Competition

Jotun coatings Hengli Group

procurement case

Yu Haizhou

national petrochemical industry manager of Jotun coatings (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.

the 20million ton/year refining and chemical integration project of Hengli Group is the first major refining and chemical project opened to private enterprises by the country, and it is also the largest refining and chemical integration project completed at one time in China so far. Jotun coatings (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd., as the main coating supplier of the project, has continuously supplied more than 10million liters of high-quality coatings since 2017. The cooperation between the two sides has become a win-win model for the procurement of petrochemical materials under the framework agreement

from the perspective of the owner, there are six highlights in the cooperation with Jotun company:

● first, pre-sales technical support. The supplier Jotun first carried out a comprehensive technical exchange with the owner Hengli Group and the design institute. The main parts of the wharf, storage tanks, steel structures, equipment, pipelines and so on need to be fully covered with paint. Jotun participated in the owner's formulation of anti-corrosion technical specifications and product formulation throughout the process

● second, framework agreement procurement guarantee. Hengli Group directly signed an exclusive paint procurement contract with Jotun company through framework agreement bidding to determine the price, and other suppliers will be used as organic supplements. In the overall framework negotiation, the owner has great bargaining power, can choose the best supplier, and avoid being limited by a single supplier. At the same time, the owner's management personnel have the right to control the materials. In addition, the supplier provides custody, and the construction party has never wasted paint. The actual consumption is equivalent to the prediction

● third, implement the on-site owner custody mode. Three working meetings have been held before and after the production of the coating. The former is expensive but the owner keeps it on behalf of the owner to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the coating in the project. The maximum daily consumption of on-site coating is 18000 liters, the maximum monthly consumption is about 400000 liters, the customer warehouse and on-site storage is about 250000 liters, and the monthly turnover is 300000 ~ 400000 liters

● fourth, establish a dosage prediction mechanism. The prediction is carried out in a three-month cycle. The technical consultant visits the site and the workshop department to investigate the construction consumption, count the coating varieties and submit the consumption report plan. The prediction mechanism significantly reduces raw material inventory, logistics pressure and transportation costs, and also ensures orderly delivery

● fifth, ensure accurate logistics. Land transportation of finished vehicles not only saves logistics time and improves efficiency, but also achieves green transportation to a certain extent - reducing transportation times and emissions. Shipping is delivered directly in whole containers, saving about 10000 yuan in logistics cost per container. The whole project has about 100 cases of direct delivery, saving about 1million yuan in logistics costs

● six is on-site technical services. Jotun company transferred experienced technical consultants to form a project technical team. At least five technical consultants are responsible for the construction site of 30 square kilometers throughout the whole process, participating in the assessment of anti-corrosion construction and the establishment of on-site construction specifications. At the same time, taking into account the daily guidance of 15 anti-corrosion engineers and the training of more than 100 workers from more than 30 construction teams, more than 40 training sessions in two years, with more than 1000 trainees, so as to improve the theoretical and practical level of coating construction participants. At the same time, the technical service team checks and records the coating construction process every day, corrects quality problems in time, and feeds back quality status and suggestions to interested parties. For example, in order to eliminate the phenomenon of point corrosion and osmotic pressure blistering after the settlement test in the tank, the technical consultant detected 300000 paint film data in the process of plate prefabrication. Before the end of the project, the technical service team inspected 360 storage tanks of various types and issued reports respectively; Inspect the completion system of 30 heating furnaces, form inspection reports and submit them to the owner for filing as the basis for maintenance

in 2019, Hengli Group successively signed the coating supply framework contracts with Jotun company for the 1.5 million ton annual ethylene project, refining and chemical project (closeout project) and 5million ton terephthalic acid project

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