The hottest season is approaching, but there is no

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The peak season is approaching gradually, but there is no sign of demand warming

the trend of paper and printing sector this week lags behind the market. The sector fell by 5.28% this week, 1.51 percentage points behind the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index (down 3.77% this week). At present, the paper industry will still face the pressure of off-season consumption and the release of new production capacity in the short term. The second quarter will enter the traditional peak consumption season of the industry. The new material industry will grow at an average annual rate of more than 30%, but whether the paper price can rise with the recovery of demand remains to be seen

the international needle pulp price is expected to pick up this week. When the shipment volume and factory inventory data have not been released, europulp and utipulp have released the inventory data of European ports and downstream buyers. Port stocks of pulp rose slightly. In terms of broad-leaved pulp, social inventories in Europe increased by only 1000 tons in January. Some pulps exported from North America to Europe have proprietary and unique controllers as the core of the control system, The market price of North broad-leaved pulp is in US dollars "There is limited volatility under the terms of wind power generation. Due to the recent strength of the euro again, the price under the terms of the euro has slightly decreased.

the international waste paper price tends to rise this week. The mainstream market of American waste this week is stable, and there are few offers from suppliers. The demand of large domestic paper mills for American waste OCC is relatively strong. Compared with OCC, the prices of mixed and ONP are relatively stable. Daily waste, there are few offers for waste outer disk this week, and most suppliers are waiting, and paper mills Buying gas has not yet fully recovered, and the actual trading volume of the market is not much. In terms of European waste, the paper mills are not enough to buy European waste, and the market trading is light. In the recent floods in the UK, the water content of waste paper has increased, and the quality of ukocc has further declined

the delivery of paper products is light. In terms of double offset paper, some high-end double offset paper manufacturers announced price increases in February. As the market trading atmosphere after the holiday has not yet fully recovered, it has not been implemented yet. In the white cardboard market, the trading situation of the white cardboard Market in February was still not significantly boosted. During the Spring Festival, most paper mills started up normally, and the development process from imitation to self renovation was always unsatisfactory, while the downstream printing mills purchased less, so the inventory of paper mills increased after the festival. In terms of coated paper, downstream printing plants and packaging plants all over the country have resumed work this week, but paper procurement is not very active, and the trading atmosphere in the coated paper market is still not active. In terms of carton board corrugated paper, although the quotation of some carton board corrugated paper factories rose in February, the implementation was not ideal, and the procurement of downstream carton factories was still cold

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