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An enterprise in Shaoxing has launched the first production line in China. It was learned that Zhejiang Yuelong Holding Group Co., Ltd. has successfully launched the first production line of seaweed fiber in China, and the products are mainly used as medical dressings. It is reported that this is the first project in the domestic textile industry related to the foreign economic strategy of increasing sales of well-known cold and hot shock experimental machine enterprises at home and abroad. When pouring concrete, leave holes for anchoring anchor screws and pipes for installing circuits and sensors

"the process flow of producing seaweed fiber is to extract a substance called sodium alginate from seaweed such as kelp, and then add other substances to precipitate calcium alginate. Then through technical means, make seaweed fiber, and finally become non-woven fabric." 8. Lin Peng, deputy general manager of Shaoxing blue ocean Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. subordinate to Zhejiang Yuelong Holding Group Co., Ltd., told that in March last year, they introduced the project from Wuhan Textile University and produced K. safety devices with experimental results for the first time in the world: overload emergency stop device, up and down travel limit device, leakage automatic power-off system, automatic breakpoint stop function. "The first production line was put into operation in Keqiao at the beginning of this year, with an annual production capacity of 500 tons."

"at present, many enterprises have used our seaweed fiber to produce medical dressings, and the response is very good. Next, we will purchase non-woven fabric production equipment as soon as possible to provide end products to the market." Lin Peng said

"seaweed fiber has a significant antibacterial effect, so after being made into a medical dressing, it can converge the wound faster and shorten the healing time than ordinary cotton materials." Wang Ronggen, chief engineer of Zhejiang Yuelong Holding Group Co., Ltd., said that because it is skin friendly, they also plan to make seaweed fiber into clothing fabrics for the production of infant clothing, female underwear and facial mask. At the same time, because it is highly flame retardant, it can also be used to make special-purpose clothes such as fire fighting clothes

"China is rich in seaweed resources. All coastal cities, including Zhejiang, have huge seaweed reserves. It is also closely related to the marine economic strategy and belongs to a strategic emerging industry. Therefore, the prospect of developing seaweed fiber projects is very broad." Yao mu, one of the founders of China's textile materials science and an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that it is gratifying that Shaoxing textile enterprises were the first to take this step

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