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SEBS won the Hunan Provincial Patent Award

in the Hunan Provincial Patent Award evaluated and announced by the Hunan Provincial Intellectual Property Office a few days ago, Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Company introduced the patent for the correct operation method of bending testing machine - a selective hydrogenation method for preparing styrene block polymers containing conjugated dienes (i.e. thermoplastic rubber SEBS) by coupling method, which won the 2012 Hunan Provincial Patent Award

Baling Petrochemical adopts the patented technology of selective hydrogenation with independent intellectual property rights. In 2006, it built the first 10000 ton SEBS device in China and expanded its capacity to an annual output of 20000 tons. The product quality produced by sebs1 like large enterprises is relatively guaranteed. It is an upgraded product of thermoplastic rubber SBS, enriching the product varieties and breaking the monopoly of foreign manufacturers on SEBS. In September this year, baling was still drinking water. Sinopec completed and put into operation the largest domestic special thermoplastic rubber project with an annual output of 60000 tons. The project adopts 13 patented technologies, including a selective hydrogenation method of styrene block polymers containing conjugated dienes prepared by coupling method, neopor? Foam contains graphite particles

SEBS produced with this patent not only maintains the advantages of SBS in elasticity, but also is significantly better than SBS in weather resistance, UV resistance and ozone aging resistance. In addition, the content of residual metal ions in SEBS products is low, which does not need to be removed, reducing the amount of waste residue and wastewater and avoiding environmental pollution

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