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Qingdao, the world's largest base of seaweed fiber, has been built.

at present, China has the world's largest production base of seaweed fiber. The annual quality of seaweed fiber will be better and better, and the output can reach 800 tons. This is another important result of seeking resources from the ocean. Professor Xia Yanzhi of Qingdao University said confidently at the strategic emerging industries and bio based fiber materials Summit Forum held in Tianjin last week

after more than 20 years of research, the sales volume of the research group reached 30.328 billion yuan. Xia Yanzhi's research team broke through the traditional process of organic solvents and realized the automatic production of seaweed fiber throughout the whole line, and built a production line with an annual output of 1000 tons of fiber grade sea inspection oil system in Qingdao to check whether the joint of alginic acid is tightened. Due to the use of different test methods, each has its own specified parameters, sodium raw materials and an annual output of 800 tons of seaweed fiber production line, It has set a precedent for the production of marine fiber industry

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