The hottest season will end in 2016, and the water

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2016 will end, water-based coating technology still fails to meet the requirements

2016 will end, water-based coating technology still fails to meet the requirements

December 30, 2016

[China coating information]

by the end of the year, the coating industry in 2016 will come to an end. During this year, the coating market has experienced too many things, ranging from market mergers and acquisitions of industry giants to the transformation of dealer services, From the strict control of environmental protection policies to the continuous surge of raw materials, every experience has brought weightless pressure to coating enterprises. But whether it's good or bad, it's an extremely valuable experience for the paint industry. So what will happen to the paint market in 2017? What will happen to the enterprise? What will happen to businesses? So take this question to the local markets to see what they say

"old" new topic: "oil to water"

when we visited local markets with such a general question, the answers they gave were not accurate enough. It is this "not accurate enough" that gives the paint industry more unknown and expectations for "2017"

2016.12.24 Foshan market visit - brought the sensitive but most real market situation in the front end of the coating market. For example, "old" new topic: "oil to water". It is said that the period of changing oil to water is not far away, and it is said that the era of water-based paint is coming (it is true that this is a trend), but from policy orientation to industry reform and then to the adjustment and replacement of front-line products in the market, all these can not overcome the excessive (acceptance period) of new products (water-based paint) by consumers

instead of saying "future, upcoming, soon,...", say "now, now, now..." large enterprises are talking about trends, layout and planning, but for many businesses, it is about how many orders are traded today, that's all

the strength of brands in the paint industry is quite different.

during this visit to the market, I interviewed Dulux, China Resources, meitushi, garberry, Bauhinia Flower, Nippon, Deco waterproof and other paint businesses, and also received comprehensive feedback from Foshan. Although the strength of brands in the paint industry is quite different, and there are often wonderful marketing battles, when consumers really enter the building materials market and enter every physical store, the brand competition in the category competition between water paint and paint is obviously weakened

during the visit, many dealers reported that for the environmental protection products respected by the policy and market, although the market trend is that there are changes in technology, the popularization of product knowledge of environmental protection water paint in the market is not deep enough and in place, resulting in the difficulty of coating merchants in promoting (water-based environmental protection products) in their own stores. The human and material resources consumed in the adjustment process of the existing product architecture will be very large. Indeed, we can't just change it (this takes time to complete)

aquatic products still cannot meet the rigid requirements in technology.

dealers believe that as the trend of the future market, water-based paint is indeed willing to make such products and pay more attention, but at least its acceptance in Foshan market is still not very high. They can only make a small amount of investment first to gradually improve the acceptance of new environmental protection products (water-based paint) in the local market

it is undeniable that water-based products still fail to meet some hard requirements in technology - for example, durability and gloss are not as strong as oil-based paint. More based on the fact that paint products have a very long history of development, not many people are willing to "take risks" to try new products for this almost permanent home decoration product. Businesses estimate that environmental protection products are closely related to product quality and personal safety: at least in Foshan market (water-based paint), it will take 2 to 3 years to gradually get on track

it is true that it is not so easy to shake up the "loyal fans" of oily paint. It really takes a long time. Moreover, because of the "long time", there are still some more traditional enterprises and businesses who are lazy to change and do not take action, and want to cater to the whole trend after it is adjusted. But I want to mention here. 2. The recycled plastic granulator with double head wrench as the main processing machine will have a large number of customer groups. This is not desirable. You don't want to be a "leading bird", don't take the initiative to respond to the trend of the industry, and don't affect the local small areas and small areas with small actions. You can wait for the hare. Maybe you are lucky to keep up with this wave of reform, but what about the next wave

in 2016, for the coating industry, it has tasted all the ups and downs, but the future coating market is still very beneficial

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