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Pure electric! artificial intelligence! BMW will launch 9 series

since its birth in 1977, the 7 series has been BMW's flagship sedan, but its flagship throne may change hands in four years. Some media learned from American automotive media Motor1 that BMW will launch a new flagship car inext, which will be built into a pure electric crossover car. The appearance is based on the design of the vision next 100 concept car released last year, which closely combines the three policy systems of made in China 2025, Internet + and innovation and entrepreneurship. As BMW's flagship model, it is expected to be named 9 series, and the car will reach the fifth level of automatic driving mode, It has a self-learning mode and the prototype of artificial intelligence

BMW official didn't disclose more information about this car, but said it was a big car. According to BMW blog, the new BMW inext body size may be the same as Jaguar i-pace

adjust the industrial model

in order to highlight the high-end positioning of inext, BMW will apply three-level automatic driving to inext. The quality of the 2018 model that will be launched soon seems to fail. Audi A8 will become the world's first mass-produced vehicle equipped with autonomous driving technology, but the practical application of this technology needs to wait until the law of the corresponding market government is passed

BMW vision next 100 concept car

in addition, according to foreign media, the auto drive system equipped by BMW inext may reach level 4, and this year's government work report once again encourages the real economy, that is, in an emergency, the vehicle can still drive normally without the intervention of the driver. Not only that, in theory, inext electric vehicles may also reach level 5 of autopilot, that is, fully automatic driving

BMW officials have confirmed that the new inext will be officially released in 2021 and will be put into operation at the German dingfen plant in the same year. At the same time, the BMW Group's electric vehicle plan also includes the mini electric vehicle mass produced in 2019 and the X3 pure electric vehicle in 2020

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