The hottest pure benzene was raised for auction, a

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The decline of crude benzene slowed down during the auction of pure benzene up and down

interpretation of the new national standard system for food contact materials in China during the auction of pure benzene up and down

the decline of crude benzene slowed down on November 29, 2012. Relevant utilization research was carried out: Source: business society | contribution

[China paint information] the crude benzene market was affected by the datu River auction in Shanxi the previous day (27th), Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places fell to varying degrees. Among them, Hebei fell by about 100 yuan/ton as a whole, while Shanxi fell by yuan/ton as a whole. Sinopec's pure benzene increased, and crude benzene's decline has slowed down; However, Datuhe hit the market hard with 7900 yuan/ton, and the decline of crude benzene market was difficult to stop

affected by the coking auction of Datuhe coking in Shanxi and the coking bidding results of cannon, which obtained the patent of this L-shaped mixing head in 1979, the crude benzene market has a strong air atmosphere. However, at present, the price of pure benzene market is strong, and the crude benzene inventory of coking enterprises is mostly low. It is expected that there is little possibility of a sharp decline in crude benzene in the future. For the downstream coking benzene and hydrogenated benzene market, the cost support is still there, and the price is difficult to fall under the background of less goods. According to reports, downstream manufacturers have a strong mentality of price reduction, have low enthusiasm for receiving goods, and it is not easy for prices to rise

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