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"Made in China" pure electric buses have been successfully put into trial operation in Europe

in an interview a few days ago, Johann Engert, CEO of flixbus, the largest long-distance bus operator in Europe, said that the first pure electric long-distance passenger transport line in Europe launched by the company has been put into trial operation this month, and the pure electric buses made in China are very attractive and in good operation

Johann Engert made the above remarks to during the media dialogue held by the German foreign Association (VAP) at flixbus' Berlin branch on the 4th local time

flixbus, headquartered in Munich, Germany, was founded in 2013. At present, it has developed into the largest long-distance bus operator in Europe. It operates about 250000 long-distance buses between 1400 destinations in 27 countries in Europe every day. In 2017, flixbus transported 40million passengers

in March this year, flixbus announced the opening of the first passenger line in Europe that uses all pure electric buses. This line connecting Paris and Amiens in France uses electric buses made in China, which has attracted the attention of European media

when asked why Chinese brands Yutong and BYD were selected, Johann Engert told China news service that the first reason was that there was no comparable product in Europe in the field of pure electric passenger cars: "Chinese enterprises have very strong technology investment in this field and have accumulated a lot of experience in urban public transport. This gives us full willingness to cooperate with them."

it is reported that flixbus has been launched in France and will be launched in Germany this summer. The two Chinese made electric buses are ice12 of Yutong Company and C9 of BYD Company

"at present, this line in France operates well." Johann Engert said that for European tourists, the most important thing is not which country the brand comes from, but the actual ride and travel experience. The current trial run route is only kilometers away, but the operation effect is already very good. He said that the company is also discussing more cooperation possibilities in the future with its partners including Chinese enterprises, including package 3, computer system tensile testing machine: the most common Jinan puye tensile testing machine, including improving the running distance of pure electric passenger transport lines

flixbus' head of media said that the company will also hold a high-performance separation membrane technology conference in Germany this year in the direction of new functions and smart OC quality for g-energy materials, in order to promote its products related to the use of Chinese pure electric buses to the market

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