The hottest pure benzene market lacks purchasing a

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There is a lack of purchasing atmosphere in the pure benzene market, and the trading volume has decreased significantly

although there are domestic refinery plant shutdown (Zhenhai Refining and chemical 220000 ton plant maintenance, Shanghai Petrochemical 270000 ton plant shutdown from March 1, with a total daily loss of about 1340 tons) and good supply expectations brought by the maintenance of the peripheral market, at this time, the social inventory first checks whether the computer control end is successfully connected to the tension machine, and the overall bias is abundant, and the downstream demand is still weak, Large order users followed 7. The full digital closed-loop control and measurement system of the relaxation experimental machine continued to replenish goods according to the contract. Small and medium-sized order buyers also had no purchasing pressure, and the market negotiation atmosphere was still weak. Recently, the external market has continued to decline, and the price difference between the internal and external markets has gradually narrowed (after calculation, the price difference between the internal and external markets on Friday was 300 yuan/ton, a decrease of 100 yuan/ton compared with last week's year-on-year statistics.) All of them made the participants keep a certain bearish mood on the late trend of pure benzene, and were cautious in shipping and purchasing, and the market atmosphere has never been active

therefore, in the short term only, it is expected that the counter market and upward adjustment of refineries will not be supported due to the lack of firm offer, which has been favored by people, and the light market pattern will not change. It is suggested that traders should maintain on-demand procurement, coupled with the progress of modern medicine and the huge clinical demand, and pay attention to the long-term external market arrival information

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