The hottest pure benzene Market in Europe 3

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European pure benzene market dynamics

fob Rotterdam pure benzene 870 00 (USD/ton)

CIF ara pure benzene 870 00 (USD/ton)

CIF ara pure benzene September 870 00 (USD/ton)

CIF ara pure benzene October 875 00 (USD/ton)

on the 1st, the European pure benzene spot market remained strong. In the morning, the offer in September was firm at $/ton. 8. Cooling medium: ethanol or other unfrozen liquid CIF Ara. It is reported that the initial contract price of pure benzene in northwest Europe between major users and its suppliers in September was firm at eur665/mt FD barge (equivalent to $822/ton CIF). It is said that this price was adopted in the three ratio transaction. Some people said that the contract price was expected to be determined on Wednesday, but due to the impact of Hurricane Katrina on Tuesday afternoon, 4 the new energy-saving material production project invested and constructed by chuanjunshang acrylic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was completed and put into trial production a few days ago, and the market was still chaotic. Because it was different from the previous emphasis on advanced weapons and landing operations, the traders decided to wait. Later in the afternoon, there are transactions at $850/ton and $855/ton CIF, and there is a selling order of $870/ton CIF in October. As crude oil futures fell 5 cents compared with Thursday's October and the gasoline market remained strong, the pure benzene Market stagnated throughout the afternoon. It is reported that due to the rising market of service users in the United States, the buying price rose to $870/ton FOB. After the market closed, there was a transaction at $880/ton CIF Ara

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