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1. Frankly, it can only be used as a supplement to flat-panel TVs. You don't need to count on how good the speakers of this price and level are, and don't be misled by the advertising words. The main reason is that the bass is relatively weak. Not as good as the propaganda. The treble is not very transparent. After turning on the surround mode, I feel that it can also be widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, and quality inspection, which brings confidence to extruder enterprises. It is possible to conduct pendulum impact tests on plastics, rubber, and other materials

2. The sound effect is average, but it is much better than TV. The price is moderate. The indicator light is on it, and I can't see it from a distance.

3. This one doesn't have a power amplifier, so I can't sing karaoke at home. I didn't ask clearly when I bought it. Fortunately, the customer service replaced it for me, with a formal invoice and door-to-door installation. Such high-quality service is even recognized by my father. Thank you! If you don't add my money, it will be more perfect, hehe

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the following is this new product in 2013. The experimental speed meets the requirements of the current domestic experimental speed of all conventional metal and non-metallic materials! Philips htl2100/93 quotation picture:

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