Technical parameters of the hottest ytqu70 crawler

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Technical parameters of ytqu70 crawler crane

1. The engine adopts Cummins electronic control diesel engine which meets Euro 3 emission standard, providing a reliable, economic and environmental protection power source

2. The retractable chassis mechanism has an extendable folding support, which not only improves the stability of the chassis, but also automatically detects the broken shape without affecting the overall transportation. The crawler telescopic cab can be directly controlled, and the telescopic travel can be carried out at the same time

3. The main hydraulic components are from Kawasaki, Japan, and the joystick type pilot control is adopted

4. Adopt semi enclosed hood type LCD large screen LCD full picture display, otherwise the experiment will not be very successful, showing the experimental data, consequences and curve design, which is both beautiful and easy to maintain

5. The reducer and drum of the main and auxiliary hoisting and luffing devices are installed in a built-in structure

6. The main and auxiliary winch devices are easy to disassemble. The main and auxiliary winch can be interchanged. The maximum single rope tension of the main and auxiliary winch is 14 tons

7. The main and auxiliary hoisting and luffing winch mechanisms equipped with ratchet locking ensure the safe and reliable positioning of the boom and goods by opening the experimental interface

8. The boom is welded with high-strength structural pipes. The boom head adopts nylon pulley, which has good rigidity, light weight and strong bearing capacity

9. The hydraulic control system with pilot operated load sensing has good inching performance and high accuracy

10. Rotary mechanism with controllable free sliding function, stable operation and no impact

11. A torque limiter with reliable performance is installed to monitor the operation status in real time. It is also equipped with turntable rotation locking device, jib anti overturning device, winch anti overwinding, anti overwinding and other safety devices to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the crane

12. Equipped with electronic combination instrument, anemometer, level meter and winch monitoring device, it can display and monitor the working status in real time to ensure the smooth progress of the work

13. The streamlined large arc cab with shock absorption connection has wide field of vision and beautiful appearance. It is equipped with high-grade shock-absorbing seats, air conditioning system and vehicle DVD system, which greatly improves the comfort of operation. Engine data integrated control, fully electronic control operation, more convenient operation

14. The suspended counterweight is more convenient for installation, disassembly and transfer

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