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Technical reasons for the reduced production efficiency of the binding linkage line

at present, the binding industry has basically eliminated the manual flat binding process, and is gradually transitioning from single machine binding to binding linkage line. Wireless binding linkage line is being used more and more because of its advanced technical advantages. However, in many enterprises, the binding linkage line can not give full play to its full efficiency. The reason is that it is mostly disturbed by human factors. 1. the previous processes shall comply with the relevant process requirements to reduce unnecessary work delay

the binding linkage line shall be used for post press processing. The design, production, printing and other processes of printed matter shall strictly comply with the relevant process requirements. When designing, pay attention to the weight of the paper and the size of the finished product. Use 80g/m2 offset paper to fold into 32 folio Book posts. After milling, the back fold can no longer be cut. This is caused by thick book stickers and deep milling back. If this point is taken into account before printing, problems can be completely avoided

when the printing workshop processes the prints with a large layout center, it does not cut rough edges in order to save paper, resulting in disordered Book sealing rules and making the binding machine unable to work. When the book cover is covered with film or polished, due to improper temperature control, the book cover is adhered, and the linkage line stops frequently during binding

these missed work of the binding linkage line caused by human factors are caused by the insufficient understanding of the process requirements of the binding linkage line by the front-end process. These problems can not be solved only from the binding production line, which requires the specification of the front-end process and scientific cooperation with the binding linkage line to prevent the occurrence of such problems

2. Based on the binding production line, provide the conditions suitable for the binding linkage line

uneven Book pasting, back warping, no mechanical binding and manual exhaust, adhesive lining page adhesion, etc. will cause frequent shutdown of the high-speed page dispenser. Therefore, the production efficiency of the whole linkage line can be improved by solving the problem of the flat clothing performance of book stickers

(1) when folding, holes must be punched for exhaust.

manual folding is not suitable for live parts. If manual folding is used, it must be vented, and the upper binding machine code must be tied tightly as the mechanical folding. If the book post does not exhaust, it will cause the innermost page to be milled or not milled enough

(2) a book post of less than two pages must be pasted.

if two pages or a single page do not adhere during production, this page will float during operation. If this post is the previous version or the last version, the book feeding board will be stuck after this page floats, causing parking

(3) all book stickers must be bundled or stacked flatly

when stacking flatly, it must be noted that the back faces inward and the size is flush. If the machine cannot be operated in time, a flat plate shall be pressed on each live part to prevent the uppermost book from bending and wrinkling 147 buried polyethylene pipe fittings for gas. The back of the baled live parts should also be aligned

(4) it is better to stick the lining Book stickers on the thick book stickers

after the adhesive is dry, separate and stack them one by one, with the back facing the inside. If it is not completely separated, it will also cause parking or multiple versions

there are many introductions to the experience and calculation formula of the relationship between the surface roughness of the experimental machine parts and the dimensional tolerance of the experimental machine parts. The nonstandard cutting of the book cover will bring difficulties to the operation of the binding machine. The cutting error of the book cover is large, and the operator has to move back and forth according to the rules. It is easy to cause that the spine of the book is not centered, which will affect the product quality

eva high-speed hot melt adhesive is the main raw material of high-speed binding linkage line. If it is improperly selected, it will directly affect the product quality and bring trouble to the production line. The substandard EVA high-speed hot melt adhesive is subject to serious wire drawing after penetrating into the book due to its slow curing speed. The solid support plate will be easy to be sticky and wrinkle the spine of the book, which will inevitably cause frequent parking and reduce production efficiency. Therefore, the products of regular manufacturers must be selected

3. Improve the construction skills in the production process to reduce human delay

1) the page dispenser

continuation workers should participate in the training before being put on the machine. When its functions and characteristics are not found, they should constantly improve their business skills in the work. You should concentrate and be less diligent when continuing to post on the computer. You should check every stack of books in your hand to prevent wrong version matching. You should bump your back and carefully put them into the page hopper. If you encounter thin books, you must take corresponding measures (such as pressing, holding, etc.). Good skills and strong heart will greatly reduce the parking frequency of the page dispenser

2) binding machine

there are two main reasons that affect the normal operation of the binding machine: one is the book cover, the other is the wild glue

after the book seal cutting, the operator shall carefully check the cutting error based on the rule line, stack the book seals with basically the same error aside, and carry out the construction according to the same rule. Before starting the machine, you must check whether the book cover is upside down, and completely mill it to prevent the book cover with adhesion from starting the machine

after changing the rules, carefully check the length and thickness of the gluing amount. Improper gluing amount will cause the accumulation of wild glue in the supporting plate. It is not a way to stop the machine only. Therefore, the amount of glue shall be adjusted at the initial stage of construction. In practice, I have concluded that the amount of glue is changed according to the length of the book cover, the thickness of the book and the properties of the paper. Each product has a suitable point for the amount of glue applied during construction. The operator must rely on experience to find this point, so as to make the book pass through the binding machine smoothly and improve the production efficiency of the binding machine

3) three sided book cutting machine

the three sided book cutting machine has a small probability of human delay, but the book side glue thickness, back glue empty head, and loose parts will affect the normal construction of the book cutting machine. As long as the binding linkage line operators cooperate with each other, from the source, it will solve the human delay of the three side book cutting machine

it is not the machine that ensures the effective production of the binding linkage line, but the manager and operator. As long as the managers attach importance to the binding production, formulate effective systems, strictly manage and cooperate with each other, the operators should strengthen their minds, the machine maintenance should be in place, the business skills should be skilled, the machine mounted Book stickers should adapt to the production of the binding linkage line, the quality of raw materials can be guaranteed, the high-speed binding linkage line can be produced normally, and truly shoulder the important task of binding

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