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It was the thirty-first of May, 210 years ago. A Royal Armada frigate arrived in Palma; the ship was called Prueba. It was carrying a body whichs ever been, an, on June 4, was taken to a house at the intersection of the Sant Feliu and Pau streets. It was then laid to rest in the chapel of Sant Domingo.

It wasn’t to be the final place of rest, as the mausoleum and remains were to be moved to the chapel of Sant Jeroni at the Cathedral. The Sant Domingo Convent was to be demolished, partly as a consequence of the ‘Desamortización de Mendizábal’ of 1836 to 1837, the confiscation of church properties on the order of the president of Spain’s Council of Ministers, Juan álvarez Mendizábal.

These were the movements of the body that had been brought from Portugal. It was that of Pedro Caro y Sureda, the third Marquess of Romana. Born in Palma in 1761, he rose to the rank of Captain General of the Royal Armies. Once a foe of Wellington’s, the British gave him full honours when he died, and Wellington was to the fores model suggests. It.

His death in Cartaxo on January 23, 1811 was sudden. Two days after, the body was taken by artillery cart to the port of Valada and then on to Lisbon. Throughout the journey, the body was flanked by Wellington and British generals. From having been an enemyare permitted for up to 10 visitors plus household members., the Marquess of Romana became an ally in whom the British had total faith and trust in the offensive against the Bonapartes – Napoleon and his brother Joseph (named King of Spain by Napoleon in 1808).

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