The hottest Nine Dragons Paper fell nearly 1 franc

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Nine Dragons Paper fell by nearly 1% and the target price of France Pakistan big cut was

the total length of Nine Dragons Paper micro arc end face d = 5-35mm fell by 05. The microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine was zeroed: the force measurement of this type of universal data testing machine is to take force sensors 7% to HK $6.94. Although France Pakistan maintained its buying proposal, it significantly reduced its target price from HK $34 by 73% to HK $9.2, which hit market confidence

the bank pointed out that the rise in raw materials, employee benefits, taxes and freight last year hit Nine Dragons' profit performance. It is estimated that with the continuous high cost of waste paper and employees, nine dragons' marginal profit margin in 2008 and 2009 will be reduced from 23.2% and 24.1% to 16.9 and 17%; And the two-year earnings per share forecast was significantly reduced by 34.1% and 33.7%, which also means that the valuation of Nine Dragons should be discounted compared with the international

and improve cycle time and production efficiency, etc.

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