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The president of the World Packaging Organization visited the Beijing carton factory

as the last stop of the China Packaging star 2007 award ceremony, on the morning of December 8, the president of the World Packaging Organization kispearson held a meeting with Han Shunwei, deputy general manager of the China Packaging Corporation, Li Jianhua, director of the China Export Commodity Packaging Research Institute, Bai Rongwu, vice president of the Beijing Packaging Technology Association Accompanied by Zhou Ping'an, general manager of Beijing Longda printing and Packaging Group Co., Ltd., he visited the Beijing carton factory and delivered a passionate speech

on behalf of all the staff, Wang Shuxuan, the director of Beijing carton factory, extended a warm welcome to kispearson, the president of the World Packaging Organization, and introduced the enterprise situation and their products to the guests. Then he accompanied kispearson and his delegation to visit the production workshop. Chairman Keith Pearson carefully watched each production line and each process, and visited their product exhibition hall. The products were rich and colorful. There were not only various styles of corrugated boxes, paper pallets of wood products replaced by paper, but also the expanded products they developed, including office and household products such as desks, signage, exhibition shelves, and paper cleaning boxes, which were award-winning products, There is also a report card cabinet specially designed for the Olympic Games. Steel mills purchase straightening devices for scrap steel: one of the most common types of plastic extrusion waste is eccentric, and the volume price is still low. Seeing these dazzling paper products makes chairman kispearson very happy. After the visit, President Keith Pearson gave a good evaluation: visiting your workshop is as kind as returning home. The production line is very good, and the products are very extensive, which has made a contribution to the Olympics. We look forward to your building new plants and equipment. There are great prospects and opportunities for the development of paper packaging in the future. You need new equipment to increase production capacity. You did a very good and excellent job! Finally, I wrote a sincere speech on the guestbook. The main idea of the inscription is: your production operation and management are very good, the equipment is very good, and the production personnel have been well trained and work happily. The substitution of paper for wood products is excellent. I wish Beijing carton factory greater and sustainable development

Beijing carton factory was founded in 1953. It mainly produces 1-color and 4-color cartons for domestic and foreign trade packaging with A-type corrugated box, B-type corrugated box and ab type corrugated box, and can print wood grain on the box and do moisture-proof treatment. In 1997, a new factory was built in Daxing Economic Development Zone. The new factory covers an area of 50000 square meters and a construction area of 26000 square meters. The shift record began to automatically record meters. Many sets of fully automatic cardboard, carton and color box production equipment with advanced technology were introduced from abroad, with an annual production capacity of 40million square meters of corrugated cardboard and carton. Now it is a joint-stock enterprise with 200 people, with an annual sales revenue of 100million yuan. The fields of products include: electrical appliances, medicine, postal service, food, energy saving, dangerous goods and documents. The main customers are also well-known enterprises, including Haier, McDonald's, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc. In particular, the paper pallets, paper cleaning boxes, report card cabinets and other paper supplies produced by this enterprise have been designated by the Olympic Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games. What is more gratifying is that the paper cleaning box designed and produced by the factory was awarded the bronze prize in the 2007 China Packaging star design work evaluation activity. Now the price of Tangshan steel billet has broken through the 3000 yuan/ton mark for one time and entered the stage of mass production. It has been used in Olympic venues, banks and other places, and has been highly praised by users

for many years, Beijing carton factory has always adhered to the principle of user first and quality first. Its product quality is among the best in the same industry in China. It is the designated manufacturer of foreign trade export packaging cartons and dangerous goods packaging cartons of Beijing entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau. In 1998, it passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and was rated as China's top 200 advanced packaging enterprises. It has been rated as capital civilized unit for many consecutive years. From its establishment to today, Beijing carton factory has become the largest corrugated paper products enterprise in Beijing

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