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Nine dragons and Levin issued the 2019 shutdown plan early, and the paper industry will continue to spend the winter next year

2018 is one month away, and the paper mills' 2019 shutdown plan has been released. This year's market is really chilling. After Dongguan Nine Dragons released the shutdown plan during the Spring Festival on November 28, on November 29, Liwen also released the 2019 shutdown and overhaul plan for Dongguan and Guangdong bases

immediately after nine dragons, Levin released the shutdown plan for January and February 2019

on November 29, Levin issued a notice that because the company's production machinery and equipment need to be repaired and maintained, the company plans to carry out overhaul and shutdown successively from January 2019 to February 2019. The specific schedule is as follows:

look at the shutdown plan of Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper Industry. A total of 12 paper machines in the whole plant were shut down from January 18 to February 15, 2019, The downtime of different machines varies from day to day

1, PM1 Kraft linerboard, downtime: February 1 - February 8 (8 days)

2, PM2 Kraft linerboard, downtime: February 1 - February 9 (9 days)

3, PM3 white faced Kraft linerboard, coated kraft linerboard, downtime: February 1 - February 15 (15 days)

4, pm6, 7 corrugated linerboard, downtime: February 1 - February 15 (15 days)

5, pm9, 10 corrugated linerboard, downtime: February 1 January 1 - February 15 (15 days)

6 PM4 gray whiteboard, downtime: January 24 - February 15 (23 days)

7, pm11 gray whiteboard, downtime: February 1 - February 4 (4 days)

8, pm18 corrugated paper, downtime: February 1 - February 15 (15 days)

9, pm19 Kraft linerboard, downtime: February 2 - February 15 (14 days)

10, Pm32 gray whiteboard, Downtime: January 18 - January 27 (10 days)

2018 is the cold winter of the paper industry, and the production and consumption of paper and paperboard throughout the year decreased year-on-year

as leading enterprises, the multinational search team of nine dragons and Levin still did not find any verifiable aircraft debris. When there is still a month to 2019, the shutdown notice was issued, which reveals the cold environment of the paper industry this year. This point can be proved by the report made by Mr. Zhao Wei, chairman of China Paper Association, at the "2018 China pulp and paper technology forum and the 9th China paper industry pulp and paper technology forum"

Zhao Wei estimated that the domestic pulp and paper production and consumption in 2018 were:

1. The total production of paper and paperboard was about 103 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of about 7.5%

2. The apparent consumption of paper and paperboard was about 103.8 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of about 4.7%

3. The total production of paper pulp was about 71 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of about 11.0%

4. The consumption of paper pulp was about 93 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of about 7.5%

will the situation of the paper industry improve next year

for the domestic papermaking situation next year, chairman Zhao Wei made the following judgment:

1. The country will continue to adhere to the general tone of seeking progress in stability, implement an active fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy, and keep the economy operating within a reasonable range. Against this background, as a supporting industry, the paper industry, production and consumption will still be driven, and it is expected that the overall operation of the paper industry will continue to remain stable, Market demand may be low before high after the situation

2. Affected by the Sino US trade war, the gradual tightening of waste paper import policy and the change of exchange rate, it will bring uncertain factors to the stable development of the production and consumption of paper products

3. The need and pressure of ecological civilization construction have increased the intensity of environmental protection management. At present, many provinces are formulating a "negative list" of industrial transfer and strengthening the adjustment of industrial structure. This change will bring changes to the existing enterprise, product, regional and other structures and market patterns of the paper industry, and will also affect the production and operation of some paper enterprises

4. Judging from the current situation, the import policy of waste paper will be gradually tightened and the quantity will be gradually reduced, resulting in an increase in the demand for domestic recycled waste paper. However, restricted by the total amount of domestic recyclable waste paper, the amount of recycled waste paper will be tightened, and the demand for commercial pulp will also be increased

5. With the supply side structural reform and the promotion of the the Belt and Road construction, especially the implementation of the waste paper raw material import policy, some paper enterprises will increase their willingness to invest and set up factories abroad, especially for pulp mills with waste paper as raw material. It is necessary to remind manufacturers who are willing to invest that they should do a good job in the early research work, especially pay attention to the policy changes of the other party

6. With the approval of the State Council, bleached softwood pulp futures for paper products will soon be listed on the Shanghai Futures Exchange. This measure not only helps enterprises find prices and predict costs, but also adds a hedging financing channel to enterprises. However, due to the increase of social participation, it will also bring fluctuations and changes to the commodity pulp market and affect the spot market of commodity pulp in disguise. Therefore, this futures product should attract special attention

looking forward to the situation of the paper industry next year, although there are still many uncertain factors in the external environment, China's economy will continue to operate within a reasonable range from the recent policies issued by the central government to support private economy and other policies to boost economic development by measuring the reduction in density (or coating thickness) before and after friction. In this context, combined with the positioning and role of the paper industry, it will still bring development space to the paper industry. As long as we adhere to the direction of "green paper industry", the requirements for plastics in the structural materials of water purifiers are not exactly the same. Through the structural reform of the supply side, we can enhance the innovation ability, increase new kinetic energy, and effectively control the new production capacity, which can be expected to be better next year

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