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Nicrystal glass accelerates technological transformation and R & D, walks out of a new path of transformation

raw materials enter the factory, prepare ingredients, melt in the cellar furnace, and bake with molds; Annealing and cooling, inspection machine and manual finished products, and finally packaging and warehousing, which is the production process of Nissin glass bottles

through independent research and development and process innovation, nichin glass, which was put into operation in 2006, has now become a large glass bottle and can product manufacturer with advanced technology and sophisticated equipment in China. Glass bottles specially produced for famous beer brands at home and abroad have also become the only way for the sustainable development of rubber, and have reached the national quality standard of high-quality products in the "national supervision and random inspection" of the packaging and testing center of the State Bureau of technical supervision for eight consecutive years, And won the title of "Fujian famous brand product"

■ large scale:

produce 400million bottles a year, which can circle the Earth twice.

on August 18, when you came to Xianyou Economic Development Zone, you saw a busy scene as soon as you walked into the workshop of Nissin glass production line: in the spacious workshop, machines roared, glass kilns more than 10 meters high were burning, and glass bottles that turned magnificently after burning in flames and "refining into steel" moved rhythmically on the row machines. While the workers nearby carefully checked the glass bottles that "walked" out of the kiln, and cleaned up the unqualified glass bottles in time to ensure that the glass bottles produced met the quality requirements

according to the staff of the same industry, the temperature required for the normal production of the factory's glass furnace should reach 1500 ℃. Once the shutdown, the glass melt in the furnace will cool and solidify. It will take about 10 days to restart the furnace and raise the temperature to 1500 ℃. If a glass furnace is restarted once, the cost of coal and labor will increase by more than one million yuan. Therefore, once the glass kiln is opened, it will be produced 24 hours a day. At present, there are more than 500 front-line production workers in the factory, who work in three shifts without stopping the furnace. The same is true during the Spring Festival. At present, more than 1 million glass bottles can be produced on average every day

Shangguan Xiaohua, deputy general manager of nichin glass, told that the factory mainly produces all kinds of glass bottles. Because glass bottles are clean, environmentally friendly and have strong UV protection ability, 85% of the direct packaging of beer today is glass bottles. At present, there are many production orders and all production lines are running at full capacity

Shangguan Xiaohua said that after recent years of development, the annual output of Nissin glass can reach about 150000 tons. The beer bottles produced range in size from 250ml to 640ml. The colors are green, brown, blue and white, and are sold all over the high-end markets in Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hainan and other places. The main sales targets are breweries affiliated to Budweiser InBev beer group, Heineken beer (China) Co., Ltd., Yanjing Beer Group, snowflake beer group, Shanghai Shikumen liquor, Kirin Beer Company, etc., and all of them have passed the supplier qualification certification of the above companies; Some products are exported to Southeast Asia, Canada, the European Community and other countries and regions

according to statistics, nearly 400million glass bottles were produced last year, which can orbit the Earth twice, with a total output value of 2. 800 million yuan. This year, although in the general environment of economic downturn, it can achieve the effect of isotropic contraction from January to July; On the other hand, the fillers cannot have obvious effect of promoting crystallization, and the sales volume has reached 1. More than 200million yuan, with tax payment of more than 9million yuan, an increase of 5% year-on-year

■ large investment:

relying on technological transformation and research and development, it is efficient and energy-saving.

the annual output of such a large-scale glass bottle benefits from the continuous technological research and development of Nissin glass. "Raw materials entering the factory - batching - kiln - bottle making - annealing - inspection machine - visual inspection - finished products - random inspection - Packaging - Warehousing", a series of accurate process equipment configuration makes the glass bottles produced by Nissin glass high-quality, stable and reliable

Lin Zhikun, chairman of the company, told that nichin glass attaches great importance to the construction of the technical team and invests 10000 yuan to cultivate technical personnel every year. Most of the technical personnel have been trained by toyoglass glass company in Japan, hornglass glass company in Germany and Emhart glass machinery company in the United States. They have rich management experience and production experience in large glass factories and can realize the appearance design, process design, mold design Product manufacturing integration

nowadays, through the independent research and development of new glass batching process, the development and design of fully automatic batching system and control system, and the introduction of world-class energy-saving equipment, Nissin glass has achieved circular development and transformed into a conservation and environmental protection enterprise. Lin Zhikun said that in the traditional glass ingredients, the proportion of waste glass can only be controlled at 25%. Through scientific and technological breakthroughs, the enterprise has used new processes to maintain the proportion of waste glass at about 85%, and the glass bottle is further lightweight, ranging from 200 grams to 500 grams according to the specification

Lin Zhikun made a detailed account: the original ingredient was 600 yuan per ton, but it was reduced to 400 yuan after the new process was adopted. This item alone can save the company tens of millions of yuan in the whole year. At the same time, due to the increase of cullet addition rate, the consumption of high energy consumption soda ash has decreased significantly. 1000 tons of soda ash can be saved every year, and the energy consumption is equivalent to 10000 tons of coal saving and 3.8 million kwh of electricity saving. A large amount of recycled waste glass from the society also greatly reduces environmental pollution

at the same time, the company also invested more than 10 million yuan to construct the flue gas desulfurization and denitration transformation project at the tail of 1# glass bottle production line, so that its emissions meet the requirements of environmental protection

it is precisely relying on scientific and technological investment and energy conservation and emission reduction that enterprises now leap to the forefront of the same industry and become long-term cooperative supply partners of beer companies such as Xuejin, Heineken, Yanjing, snowflake, etc

in the interview, rijing people clearly realized that at present, the national traditional resources are becoming more and more scarce. Only by paying attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, can enterprises be invincible and achieve sustainable development

■ great potential:

seize market opportunities, expand production capacity and build parks

analyze the future market environment, and Lin Zhikun is full of confidence

Lin Zhikun said that 85% of the direct packaging of beer today is glass bottles. At the same time, because China's traditional 640ml beer bottles are no longer suitable for the market demand, major beer groups have changed to 600ml. Many products are defective at this time, even just beyond the warranty period, or because of low value or service, it is difficult to find the following beer bottle packaging, which also needs a large number of beer bottles to replace, according to experts' prediction, In the next five years, the demand for beer bottles will increase year by year at a rate of about 20%; The growth rate in Fujian Province will reach more than 30%

from the current situation of the industry, there are only two bottle glass manufacturers in Fujian Province, and China's four major beer groups such as InBev Xuejin, Qingdao, Yanjing Huiquan and China Resources snowflake have gathered in the Fujian market, which has greatly increased the demand for glass bottles in Fujian Province. At present, the output of glass bottles in Fujian Province is only 250000 tons, which can only meet about 30% - 40% of the total demand for beer bottles in Fujian Province, About 60% - 70% of glass bottles need to be transported from other provinces, and the transportation cost is huge

Lin Zhikun told that nichin glass is located in the middle of the coastal area of Fujian, with convenient land and water transportation. It is only 200 kilometers away from Yingbo Xuejin, Yanjing Huiquan, Qingdao and China Resources Snow Breweries, and has obvious geographical advantages in competition with peers outside the province. In addition, Fujian has a vast market of canned sauces, canned vegetables, canned fruits, Putian loquat wine and other huge packaging bottles, and the glass bottle industry has great development potential in the future

in order to meet the market demand, the company also actively increased the transformation of assembly line production and expanded production capacity. In the future, fruit wine series frosted bottles will be added to continue to strengthen the export market. In the early stage, Taiwan's Golden Gate sorghum white wine bottle series with stepless speed regulation will be exported, and in the later stage, Southeast Asia champagne bottle series will be developed

in addition, nichin glass will also plan to establish a glass products industrial park and build a large glass products processing production line integrating scientific research, production and processing, so as to better adapt to the new normal of economic development and continuously improve its overall competitiveness

it is reported that since 2011, Nissin glass has been a major taxpayer in Putian for four consecutive years. Lin Zhikun said that at present, the production and operation of the enterprise is very healthy, and the production and sales volume this year is still growing at a rate of 5%. It is estimated that the tax paid this year will reach 18million yuan

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