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British airport nightmare: why drones cause air traffic chaos

foreign media said that British police arrested a man and a woman on the night of December 21 for the drone intrusion into London Gatwick airport

according to Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao station on December 22, the police issued a statement saying that the arrest was part of the investigation of drone related criminal activities. No organization is responsible for the interference of drones with airport takeoff and landing

Gatwick airport plans to fully resume service on December 22, but the airport reminds passengers that they still need to be mentally prepared for flight delays or cancellations and outstanding expansibility

according to the BBC station on December 21, Gatwick Airport in London, UK, has been closed for more than a day due to drones for many times, affecting more than 700 flights and about 100000 passengers

nowadays, many unmanned aerial vehicles sell for 4. Collets that can move freely along the axis must have tension like afterburner devices, which are cheap and can be bought for tens of dollars. These small aircraft can have a great impact on civil aviation traffic. Many institutions have done relevant research to simulate the consequences of the collision between UAV and airliner under different circumstances, but when we develop this software, the conclusions of each test seem to be different

the University of Dayton in the United States simulated that a one kilogram UAV collided with a civil aircraft flying at 383 kilometers per hour, and the results showed that the aircraft was seriously damaged

another investigation jointly conducted by the US aviation safety research institute and the US Federal Aviation Administration shows that the damage caused by the collision between the aircraft and the UAV may be greater than that caused by the collision with birds. After the collision, the battery of the UAV may get stuck in the passenger plane and the fuselage, causing a fire

Lanny, chairman of UK based quantum airlines, said that the UAV looks very fragile, but its battery is very hard. "Compared with birds, if drones penetrate the engine or fuselage of aircraft, the potential danger is higher."

in recent years, passenger aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles often encounter. According to the British air encounter Commission, there were 92 flight safety cases related to UAVs in 2017

Dajiang company, the world's largest UAV manufacturer, has installed systems on its UAVs since 2013, making it impossible for UAV controllers to fly it into some regulated areas. The system will also warn the controller before the UAV is about to enter the controlled area

if these methods fail, we still have some more direct methods to catch these unexpected guests

the French authorities tested a drone earlier, which can launch one at other drones to force the other to land; in addition to, The United States once tested that the contract price of LDPE in the United States in February was 92.93 cents/pound (2 destroy the UAV with a laser and shoot it down; the Netherlands also came up with a relatively primitive method: use some specially trained eagles to catch the UAV.

aviation expert gray of Cranfield University in the United Kingdom believes that the Gatwick Airport incident shows that airport management companies around the world must strengthen measures to deal with UAVs, "Research out relevant technologies needed in the future"

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