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NI Measurement Studio 8.5 accelerates the improvement of remote monitoring and control functions

integrated measurement and automation software shortens the development time of applications by using the support for Ajax and Visual Studio 2008

release - June 2008 - National Instruments (Ni) launched m2018, the profit of Chinese paper enterprises fell. Easurement studio 8.5 software, through a complete set of Net resource library, tools and Ni data acquisition driver supporting Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 have added testing and measurement features to the latest Microsoft development environment. Measurement Studio 8.5 software includes Ajax compatible user interface controls and advanced network variable communication functions for creating quick response remote monitoring network applications. Because the development environment is no longer limited to a specific version of Net framework binding, engineers can now reduce application costs by adding functions to existing projects without upgrading existing programs to a new one Net framework. At the same time, you can also use the newly launched Ni daqmx driver that supports visual studio 2008 to add data collection features to its network and windows projects

using the Ajax compatibility and improved network variable function features provided in the Measurement Studio page form control, engineers can create responsive pages and browse these page information through devices that support page browsing (such as PDA, smart mobile and machines running Linux, Mac OS or windows and other operating systems). Using Measurement Studio scientific computing controls and Microsoft Ajax server controls, engineers can reduce the amount of data transferred between the client and the server, and improve the performance of pages used to display data from dynamic signal sources. This element does not contain metal grids and inserts. The distance between these dynamic signal sources can be adjusted, including data acquisition equipment, experimental platform instruments, distributed i/o systems or databases. Through the measurement data of these dynamic signal sources, you can publish or subscribe to collect these network variables. Now, engineers can programmatically create, find and browse network variables, detect connection faults, and activate network variable cache to optimize performance

the new version of Measurement Studio supports the latest Ni daqmx and Ni scope Net drivers, which include analog waveform read operations that optimize storage. This operation reuses the storage area allocated in the previous analog waveform function and improves the performance of applications with large data collection volume. Reduce application development time by downloading more than 100 ready-made text-based data collection examples from. In addition, the features of measurement studio version 8.5 software also lie in richer analysis methods, including pulse and jump measurement and other analysis example codes. Engineers can further shorten the development time by directly calling more than 120 advanced analysis functions in their applications

measurement studio continues to add testing and measurement features to Microsoft's Visual Studio software. By integrating with Visual Studio 2008 and continuing to maintain the existing support for Visual Studio 6.0, engineers can now create and take advantage of the latest Net framework

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national instruments, Inc. (Ni) is committed to bringing revolutionary ideas to engineers and scientists who can transfer the input real functions of test measurement, automation and embedded applications to the output end domain without loss, from "virtual instrument technology" to "graphical system design", Help them achieve more efficient and optimized design, prototype to release. Ni provides 25000 different customers all over the world with ready-made software (such as NI LabVIEW graphical development platform) and cost-effective modular hardware. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Ni has branches in nearly 40 countries and regions, with a total of more than 4500 employees. In the past nine consecutive years, Ni has been rated as "one of the 100 companies most suitable for work in the United States" by Fortune magazine. For more information about Ni, please visit or call

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