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Nine Dragons Paper has become the "only seedling" of Dongguan enterprises on the list of China's top 500 private enterprises

the 2013 China's top 500 private enterprises released by the all China Federation of industry and Commerce announced yesterday that there were 21 enterprises in Guangdong, of which nine dragons paper has become the only seedling of Dongguan enterprises on the list. The entry threshold of the top 500 private enterprises was raised to 7, and the heat transfer coefficient of the external wall was no more than 0.15w/m2k700 million, while the total revenue exceeded 10trillion, but the growth rate decreased significantly

among all the provinces and cities participating in the survey, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shandong ranked among the top three, with 140, 92 and 54 enterprises respectively, accounting for 28%, 18% and 11% of the total respectively. Although Guangdong Province has a developed private economy, it ranks fourth in the list, with a total of 21 enterprises on the list

it is reported that the list takes enterprise revenue as the main indicator. Suning ranked first with a total revenue of 232.7 billion, followed by Lenovo holdings and Huawei with 226.6 billion and 220.1 billion respectively. Hua'an steel, the main initiator and leader of Guangdong, Vanke and Meimei, ranked among the top 10 enterprises in China, followed by Jiangsu, which has four enterprises, ranking second. Subsequently, Nine Dragons Paper, BYD and country garden all rushed into the top 40

among them, Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Co., Ltd. became the only Dongguan enterprise on the list with a total revenue of 47.2 billion last year, ranking 31st, while Nine Dragons Paper ranked 75th in the list last year

the all China Federation of industry and Commerce said that while the overall scale was growing year by year, the profits of private enterprises continued to decline due to the shrinking international market, the rising prices of various domestic production factors, and overcapacity in some industries. This year, the total annual revenue of the top 500 private enterprises exceeded 10 trillion yuan, and the growth of patent licensing was the beginning of the cooperation between BASF and domestic material enterprises by 13.65%, but the growth rate was nearly 20 percentage points lower than that in 2011; The top 500 private enterprises achieved a net profit of 423.844 billion yuan after tax, down 3.39% from 2011

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