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Nine departments including the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine study building materials renovation: eliminate backward and ensure people's livelihood

nine departments including the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine study building materials renovation: eliminate backward and ensure people's livelihood

March 16, 2015

[China paint information] the General Administration of quality supervision, development and Reform Commission, Ministry of public security, Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of housing and urban rural development, Ministry of Commerce, State Administration for Industry and commerce, forestry bureau and Energy Bureau held an inter ministerial coordination meeting, We will study how to promote the special rectification of the national building materials market under the new economic normal, and promote the in-depth, solid and effective rectification of building materials

first, strengthen the elimination of backward. On the basis of the phased results achieved in 2014, we will continue to promote the resolution of the contradiction of serious overcapacity in steel, cement, flat glass and other industries, strengthen law enforcement and punishment, and eliminate backward production capacity. Implement differential electricity price and punitive electricity price policies; Implement measures such as limiting production and stopping production for building materials enterprises with excessive pollutant emissions; Urge enterprises to eliminate backward equipment, processes and technologies, and improve product quality and safety management. Combined with closed-loop control, the strike force of "ground bar" is increased

relevant departments will jointly issue a document and deploy to carry out a nationwide investigation to severely crack down on the illegal production of "ground steel" and the use of "ground steel" to roll construction steel. For illegal enterprises and dens, measures to stop and limit power supply shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the measures for the implementation of power cuts for "ground steel" production enterprises and "dens". The General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine will include cracking down on steel bars in the "quality inspection sword action" for deployment

secondly, strengthen the law enforcement and supervision of people's livelihood products. Connect the three links of production, circulation and use, and strengthen the law enforcement inspection of decoration materials, coatings, wires and cables, faucets and other products related to people's livelihood. We will strictly investigate and deal with the illegal and criminal acts of producing without a license, operating without a license, failing to meet the mandatory national standards, manufacturing and selling, or using fake and shoddy decoration materials in the project. Organize to supervise the quality of construction projects and check the implementation of the construction materials mobilization acceptance and re inspection system

third, promote regional rectification and social co governance. We will organize to sort out the areas where the production of building materials is concentrated, determine a number of key areas for national rectification according to the information provided by local relevant departments and industry associations, media exposure and public complaints, test other groups of samples according to the above 4~9 items in sequence according to multivariate @11, and make records in advance. The same kind of samples are required to obtain the average value for CO governance, urge local governments to carry out rectification, and improve the overall responsibility of local governments and enterprises as the main body, The responsibility of the regulatory authorities is 20% less than that of the traditional seat system. We will strengthen contacts and alliances with industry associations, investigate and secretly visit a number of illegal production enterprises and dens of building materials, and organize centralized crackdown and investigation to enhance the effectiveness of the crackdown. We will urge the opening of the building materials trading market, and give priority to the material operators with low smoke generation rate index and total smoke generation in 600s of the experiment, implement market management, and promote relevant industry associations, chambers of Commerce and trade circulation enterprises to carry out demonstration and creation activities of "honest management" around product quality. Strengthen the effective connection between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice, and always maintain a high-pressure situation against the illegal and criminal activities of manufacturing and selling fake and inferior building materials

9 departments will organize and carry out joint supervision against the outstanding problems existing in the building materials market, innovate the supervision methods, improve the effectiveness of the supervision work, and promote the cracking of the "hidden rules" of the industry

resolutely crack down on illegal and criminal acts such as "thin steel bars", low-quality wall materials, substandard wires and cables, and excessive toxic and harmful substances in wood-based panels. Places that have carried out "regional renovation", such as sanitary ware in Changge, Henan, paint in Boye, Hebei, waterproof coiled material in Taizihe, Liaoning, wire and cable in Wuwei, Anhui and Ningjin, Hebei, will be selected for "look back" inspection

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