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Chairman an Kerui attended the special report meeting of Jiading Federation of industry and Commerce recently, Jiading District Industry and Commerce 4. Experimental power measurement range: 4% - 100% FS Federation (chamber of Commerce) held five standing committee meetings, seven executive committee meetings and the special report meeting on the rule of law in the comprehensive office building. The meeting lasted for half a day. Chairman an Kerui was invited to attend the meeting in mid week


the meeting arrangement is divided into three parts: the Standing Committee meeting, the executive committee meeting, the special topic of rule of law 3, and the adjustment mirror report meeting. The guests present are Jiading District Industry and commerce, which also decided on the chairman, vice chairman (vice chairman), secretary general, and all standing committee members and executive members of the pulling machine structure Federation (chamber of Commerce). The report pointed out the accompanying problems of reform, legal practice and dimensions

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