Chairman Wang Min was invited to attend the 2017 m

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Chairman Wang Min was invited to attend the 2017 made in China (Shenzhen) Summit Forum

chairman Wang Min was invited to attend the 2017 made in China (Shenzhen) Summit Forum

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from April 8 to 9, the second "made in China (Shenzhen) Summit Forum" was held in Shenzhen, hosted by the national weekly of Finance and economics of Xinhua news agency and the international economic and technological cooperation center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Chen Biao, vice mayor of Shenzhen, presided over the forum and delivered a speech. Wang Min, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of XCMG group, was invited to attend the forum as a representative of the manufacturing industry, participated in the round table and summit dialogue, and was hired as a consultant to the Shenzhen Strategic Advisory Committee on improving enterprise competitiveness

2017 made in China (Shenzhen) Summit Forum

the theme of this summit forum is "the road of smart transformation of global manufacturing industry", and thousands of experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from national ministries and commissions, central enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and domestic and foreign universities were invited to participate in the forum to offer advice and suggestions for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

it is understood that Li Yizhong, vice chairman of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, Zhong Zhihua, President of Tongji University, and leaders at all levels in Shenzhen, as well as well-known multinational enterprises such as Intel and egerson, also sent representatives to the forum

chairman Wang Min participated in the round table conference of "Shenzhen dialogue world"

on the afternoon of April 8, at the round table conference of "Shenzhen dialogue world was impacted by the test free sample twice", chairman Wang Min and the experts and entrepreneurs attending the conference also adopted fair structural and functional design features and new trends on the new features of the innovative development of the world's manufacturing industry, and the progress and shortcomings since the implementation of "made in China 2025", Issues such as what needs to be optimized for Shenzhen to become a world-class manufacturing highland were discussed in depth

Chairman Wang Min participated in the round table of "Shenzhen dialogue with the world". Chairman Wang Min said that the world is at the beginning of a new round of industrial revolution triggered by the wave of technological innovation, and the trend of manufacturing interconnection deserves attention. Over the years, XCMG has continued to invest heavily in the overall improvement project of informatization and Internet +, and the Chinese version of predix, the industry's first industrial cloud platform, has gradually taken shape. "Interconnection + construction machinery" is not only a novel and pleasant "intelligent interconnection" product experience for users, but also a real B2C e-commerce machine purchase, unmanned control, automatic equipment efficiency management, intelligent optimization of construction process schemes, intelligent and active service of fault pre increase, transformation and upgrading, testing and alarm, etc. All our efforts are focused on Internet + to improve product quality, and we are doing a solid job in the attributes of the most basic products, so that construction machinery, a production tool product with a history of hundreds of years of global industrial development, can truly glow with vitality and charm. In 2014, we established XCMG information technology company, focusing on the three business areas of IOT, intelligent manufacturing and consulting implementation. After nearly three years of rapid development, it has become a talent highland in the ICT industry, and plans to achieve the listing of the new third board this year. He said that XCMG's goal is to solidly implement the XCMG action gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use" step by step, which is the specific action of XCMG's real weapon landing in made in China 2025. To compete with world-class masters in the global market and in the high-end industry, we must rely on leading technology and indestructible use

On the morning of April 9, chairman Wang Min held a wonderful summit dialogue at Wuzhou Hotel in Shenzhen. Chairman Wang Min and three other well-known Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs jointly focused on industry hotspots and interpreted national strategies. He said that China's construction machinery industry has no national policy protection, and is completely developed in competition, in which the industry still has to move towards the future. At present, the manufacturing industry is still in the process of difficult transformation and upgrading. Now manufacturing enterprises all over the world are studying technology, quality, cost reduction, and how to make customers happier and more willing to buy my products. Our industry is forced to do this. We can't do without "+". Therefore, we should go into the informatization of R & D, sales and management processes

chairman Wang Min said that XCMG's intelligent manufacturing has been carried out in an all-round way, with great investment and good results. The essence of pursuing intelligent manufacturing and manufacturing service is still the leadership of technology and quality. We must always be obsessed with craftsmanship, persistence, focus and innovation. He said that XCMG represents a quite excellent part of China's manufacturing industry. I believe that in a few years, there must be two or three cutting-edge and high-end enterprises in this industry. Among the world's leading enterprises responsible for the production of this packaging box, there must be one that will be XCMG. The wonderful speech not only showed the majestic momentum of independent development and winning the throne, but also demonstrated the feelings of home and country, nationality and pragmatic intentions, and won bursts of warm applause from the participants

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during the forum, chairman Wang Min also received an exclusive interview from more than 10 media, including Xinhua news agency, and expressed incisive views on how enterprises can lead and respond to the competition and challenges of future manufacturing development, how to closely combine made in China 2025 with Internet +, as well as promote Entrepreneurship and craftsmanship, and guide social value orientation

at the inaugural meeting of Shenzhen Strategic Advisory Committee on improving the competitiveness of enterprises held during the forum, chairman Wang Min and a total of 44 famous politicians, academics and business people were employed as consultants or members of Shenzhen Strategic Advisory Committee on improving the competitiveness of enterprises

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