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Chairman of Shaanxi construction machinery visited and investigated the Xinjiang Gansu market

chairman of Shaanxi construction machinery visited and investigated the Xinjiang Gansu market

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recently, Yang Hongjun, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., and shenzhandong, executive deputy general manager, went to Urumqi, Xinjiang and Lanzhou, Gansu, and visited Xinjiang road and Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd., Beixin road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd Gansu construction investment equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. and other key customers had an in-depth conversation on the needs and maintenance of the follow-up market, and extended New Year greetings to them. Wang Hongjiang, general manager of Xinjiang road and Bridge Corporation, Zhang Jie, chairman of Beixin road and Bridge Corporation, and Zhang Zhiming, chairman of Gansu Construction Investment Corporation, and other major leaders warmly received Chairman Yang and his delegation, and said that as far as I know, the speed of the tensile testing machine is 10~500 mm/min. in the future, we will fully support and further deepen the cooperation with Shaanxi construction machinery

Chairman Yang Hongjun and his party investigated in pangyuan Xinjiang Branch

looking back on 2016, the national macro-economy is well known. The project is expected to be completed and operated at a low level before the end of the year, and the construction machinery market continues to be in a "new normal" of weak demand. In order to cope with the "new normal" and effectively alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand, during the "13th five year plan" period, the company put forward the marketing strategy of "actively developing and cultivating key major customers and vigorously exploring overseas markets". At present, it has achieved initial results, and the follow-up potential is huge, which will help to promote the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises with backward production capacity that are expected to eliminate some small and medium-sized enterprises

during their stay in Urumqi and Lanzhou, Yang Hongjun and his delegation went to Xinjiang branch of Shanghai pangyuan Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, and Lanzhou Branch of Zigong Tiancheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. for field investigation. Chairman Yang stressed during the investigation of the two companies: first, we should seriously implement the spirit of the joint-stock company's 2016 fourth quarter business meeting to ensure the effective implementation of the established business indicators; Second, we should seize the historical opportunity of the state to increase construction investment in the western region, plan and plan early, and do a good job in 2017's company operation planning in advance; Third, we should fully recognize the strategic significance of Urumqi in the export business in Central Asia, give full play to its "bridgehead" role, and promote the development of overseas markets. (this article is from Shaanxi construction machinery)

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