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Tips for purchasing Epson printers for new equipment in the new semester

at the beginning of the year, students began to be busy purchasing various kinds of materials for the shaft, from pens and stationery boxes to e-books, computers and so on. It's really happy to think of today's students! For new equipment in the new semester, you can also buy a learning printer. When it comes to learning printers, you should not be unfamiliar with them. They are specifically designed for students to learn to use the pushed printers

student printers are mainly used by primary and secondary school students, and are mainly used to print some learning materials, exercises, test papers, etc. Therefore, the printing volume is not large, and there are not many requirements for the printer speed. As we all know, home users are most concerned about the later use cost when purchasing printers. Therefore, for parents, the price of consumables is the most critical; Second, functional quality and ease of use are also factors; Nowadays, most primary and secondary school students are post-90s and post-00s. They advocate fashion and like cool and personalized products. Therefore, the appearance is also a very important factor in buying printers for them. So, how to choose a learning printer that meets children's learning needs and really saves money? What are the shopping tips

trick 1: truly affordable, affordable

the high cost of ink cartridges has always been the biggest barrier for printers to enter student families. When it comes to printing costs, many parents will sigh helplessly about the lack of money

the cost cannot be measured only by the selling price of consumables. There are two important indicators that cannot be ignored, namely, how many pages a set can print; Single page cost, that is, the cost of printing a piece of paper

Epson launched the latest learning printer, which achieved the perfect combination of excellent quality and low-cost printing at an ultra-low black ink price of 29 yuan/piece. What does 29 yuan black ink mean? Print 130 pages of learning materials! After accounting, the cost of a single page is about 20 cents, which is higher than the 120 page printing volume of 49 yuan black ink of other manufacturers on the market. The printing volume of Epson's 49 yuan black ink is 235 pages, twice that of other manufacturers' cartridges at the same price

more importantly, Epson me35/me350 can be compatible with the above two capacity ink cartridges, and family users can freely choose different specifications of ink cartridges according to the print volume demand. For home users with small print volume, Epson me35/me350 standard capacity can be fully met. If users have a large print volume, they can also choose the more affordable large capacity cartridge T141

in this regard, a student's parent said: 130 pages can meet our family's printing needs, and the ink cartridge price of 29 yuan is only equivalent to a T-shirt, a snack and a toy, which is completely within the range of acceptance. This is really a good choice for home users

trick 2: full function, good quality, easy to use

in addition to printing test papers and other materials, with the functional advantages of me35/me350 learning inkjet printer, you can print interesting pictures and articles on the page, and print and make classmates' birthday cards by yourself. Printing books, picture books and learning materials with pictures and texts can not only fully improve learning efficiency, but also enrich students' after-school life

Epson me35/me350 not only further helps parents reduce printing costs, but also ensures high-quality output. Epson me35/me350 adopts panchromatic durabrite ultra pigment ink, which can not only realize the printing database on ordinary paper as a part of the printing effect sold outside the Knovel platform, but also make the printed documents waterproof, dirt resistant, colorfast and easy to save because of its non bleeding characteristics. Students can also mark the key points with a color pen at will

Epson me350 one click scanning and professional OCR character recognition software are attached, which can easily realize the conversion from paper documents to electronic documents. The tedious computer operation is abandoned, which is easy to master, labor-saving and worry-saving, and greatly improves the learning efficiency of students

Epson me35 inkjet printer continues to use micro piezoelectric printing technology, printing 28 pages of black and white and 15 pages of color per minute. The machine also particularly supports intelligent ink drop conversion technology, with a maximum resolution of DPI and excellent printing effect

Epson me350 inkjet all-in-one machine adopts micro piezoelectric printing technology, and the minimum ink drop is only 4 micro liters. In the economic mode, the output speed of black-and-white text is 28 pages per minute, and the output speed of color text is 15 pages, ensuring excellent output quality. In addition, the machine supports manual double-sided printing, which saves users more than 50% of the paper at most when printing, helping users save more costs; In terms of copying, it only takes 11 seconds for black and white pages and 384 for color pages Jinan assaying also reduces links and increases 1 second of continuous stable operation with integrated mechanical design; In terms of scanning, CIS scanning element is adopted, with a scanning resolution of 600dpi and 1200dpi. The scanning medium with A4 format is supported at most, and the scanning baffle can be opened to about 120 degrees at most, which is convenient for scanning documents

trick 3: fashionable and fresh appearance is also the key to consider.

most primary and secondary school students today are post-90s and post-00s. They advocate fashion and like cool and personalized products. Therefore, the appearance is also a very important factor in buying printers for them

Epson me350 learning inkjet all-in-one machine

continues the all white body design of the previous generation of products. Epson me35/me350 shows a fashionable and flexible atmosphere and meets the aesthetic needs of family users. The edge part adopts arc-shaped over treatment to ensure the safety of the fuselage and users. At the same time, the whole machine brings us a strong fresh white college style. The surface texture of piano paint is strong, and the floating sand design composed of fine dots will not be worn out compared with the bright surface of piano paint

parameter list of Epson's latest learning printing products:

product name Epson me350 Epson me35 product type inkjet multifunctional all-in-one machine home printer function printing/copying/scanning printing maximum processing format A4 consumables type split ink cartridge consumables model black t1731, cyan t1732, magenta t1733, yellow t1734

black t1411, cyan t1412, magenta t1413, Yellow t1414 consumables description black 130 pages, cyan/magenta/yellow 230 pages

black 235 pages, cyan/magenta/yellow 510 pages printing mode inkjet on demand (micro piezoelectric printing technology) printing speed black and white: 28ppm

Color: 15ppm black and white: 28ppm

Color: 15ppm printing resolution 5760 1440dpi (with intelligent ink drop conversion technology) copy speed black and white: 11 seconds/page, Color: 38 seconds/page continuous copy pages users only need a little understanding of the experimental standards to be proficient in using the scanning type flat scanning element CIS supply carton capacity 100 pages output capacity 50 pages reference price 380 yuan 490 yuan

therefore, for home users, if the learning printer has the characteristics of low late use cost, excellent performance, exquisite and fashionable appearance, low price, such as Epson me35/me350, It will definitely be liked by users, which is necessary

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