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List of advantages and disadvantages of pet and PVC sheets for pharmaceutical packaging

with the development of economy and technology, the development of China's packaging industry is obvious to all. The pharmaceutical packaging materials used for special commodities are also completely upgraded, and the pharmaceutical packaging has also become the focus of attention with the development of the pharmaceutical industry. Next, let's compare the properties of pet and PVC

Table 1

Project PVC sheet PET sheet

better mechanical strength than PVC

transparent, yellowish transparent, colorless

toxic non-toxic formula can meet the requirements non-toxic

permeability, oxygen 5204.8, 9

water adaptability 1

water absorption 0.4% 0.3%

bacterial resistance varies with additives

Table 2 Comparison of physical properties

project light transmittance, cold resistance, thickness under the same strength of rigidity

PVC generally 0.20

Pet 90 good 0.187

BOPS the total amount of plastic products in China is more than 77 million tons, excellent 0.18

it can be seen from table 1 and table 2 that as a sheet for drug packaging, pet is excellent in terms of mechanical strength, transparency The solution, water resistance, bacterial resistance and cold resistance of the fundamental problem of gas resistance are better than PVC, and the water absorption and overall toxicity are less than PVC, so the effect is slow.) pet as a heat sealing sheet is safer and better barrier than PVC, which is conducive to the preservation of drugs

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