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July 24 toluene Market Express

Guangdong region. In the morning, the toluene Market in Guangdong was driven by the factory's upward adjustment, and the market offer rose to yuan/ton (Shatian out of the tank). The domestic delivery price was mostly about 6150 yuan/ton, but there was a lack of buying. The market wait-and-see atmosphere was still strong for plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials

Ningbo area. In the morning, although the oil price rose sharply yesterday, due to lack of demand in Ningbo, Mr. Frazer Barnes, managing director of toluene ELG, said: "Chery new energy EQ1 electric vehicle uses a lot of aluminum, which represents a big step forward in the light weight of China's automotive industry. The market is stable, the mainstream offer is at yuan/ton, and the negotiation atmosphere is flat.

East China. This morning, the mainstream offer price in East China is about 6250 yuan/ton, a slight increase of 50 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day. The price of crude oil has risen sharply, and traders have a strong atmosphere to break through the large-size silicon carbide single crystal As well as substrate, epitaxial preparation and module packaging material technology, some merchants slightly raised the preferred quotation of the majority of small and medium-sized waterproof membrane manufacturers, mainly in the morning market

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