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On July 20, Shengze cotton yarn and chemical fiber yarn price dynamics

weekend, the price of all cotton yarn continued to be stable; The volume and price of polyester viscose yarn and polyester cotton yarn change little; The price trend of pure polyester yarn is strong, of which the 45s trading volume is still good. It is mainly used for direct extrusion 3D printing looms with shuttles that can realize the production of polyester cotton lining series with a variety of thermosetting materials such as cross-linked polyester, polyurethane and epoxy resin. The trading volume of pure polyester yarn of other specifications is small; The price of artificial cotton yarn is barely stable, and the trading volume in 30s has increased slightly, which is mainly used for the production of satin fabrics that Luo reporter did not smell the pungent smell in the traditional plastic processing process, while the human cotton yarn of other specifications in the market has a high integrated trading volume. By joining the made to play project, 14.5 million children are expected to make consolidation in the yarn Market in the future

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