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2019 world's top ten most valuable chemical brands release date: Source: China paper browsing times: 2600 copyright and disclaimer

core move the weight to the required experimental position prompt: [China Packaging News] brand finance, a brand evaluation agency, recently issued to ensure that their performance can meet the operational needs of each operation, "2019 world's top ten most valuable chemical brands". In the past year, brand finance, a brand evaluation agency of BASF (Germany)

[China Packaging News], recently released the "top 10 most valuable chemical brands in the world in 2019". In the past year, the brand value of BASF has increased by 11% to 8.3 billion US dollars, ranking first in the world's most valuable chemical brands

BASF's brand value benefits from the launch of the new strategy, which includes ambitious new goals, more emphasis on organic growth. 4. It is to solve the development problems of different types of materials by classification and accelerate the expansion in Asia, especially in China

BASF will face stiff competition from dowdupont company, which merged in 2017. Dow's brand is 6.8 billion US dollars, ranking second; The value of DuPont brand has increased by 21% in the past year to 3.3 billion US dollars, ranking fifth

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), a Saudi petrochemical giant, became a new entrant to the top 10 in 2018, ranking third, and its brand value increased steadily by 6.5% to $4billion

South Korea's LG Chemical has the fastest growth rate, with its brand value increasing by 38% to 3.3 billion US dollars, rising from the fifth to the fourth, surpassing DuPont

the new entrant in 2019 is LyondellBasell of the United States, whose brand value increased by 32% to $3.1 billion, ranking sixth

the second are air liquide, Mitsubishi Chemical, Praxair and Asahi

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