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July 16 styrene butadiene rubber market in East China

East China market: affected by 13 projects with 100 million to 500 million yuan, the styrene butadiene rubber market in Shanghai improved slightly, while the styrene butadiene rubber market in Zhejiang was slightly flat, and the clamping thickness of the sample was 0 ~ 30mm; Light. At present, Jiangsu, Shanghai Lanhua and Jihua rosin 1502 are quoted at RMB/ton, Qilu rosin 1502 is quoted at about RMB 12300/ton, and oil filled 1712 is quoted at about RMB 11000/ton. We have a firm negotiation. The downstream takeover of Zhejiang styrene butadiene rubber market is still cautious, and the market trading is gentle. The downstream inquiry in Shanghai has improved slightly, and the transaction volume of rosin gum in the market has been enlarged; However, the oil filled glue 1712 transaction still performed poorly

market trend and analysis: the price of butadiene is high, and the market power is insufficient due to the upward quotation of manufacturers. Crude oil goes through ups and downs, downstream plants enter the off-season, and terminal demand remains weak. (4) there is no action when turning on the power supply. Please confirm: 1 In the late limit period, the available resources are about to be put on the market, and the pressure on the current styrene butadiene rubber market to improve is difficult to dissipate in the short term, so the future market of styrene butadiene rubber will continue to consolidate

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