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Li Anning, Department of Agricultural Mechanization: expounding the future trend of the agricultural machinery industry

in the first half of this year, the cumulative sales of leading products in China's agricultural machinery industry, such as tractors and combine harvesters, fell by more than 20% year-on-year. It is not an exaggeration to describe the plight of the industry with "sadness everywhere". Some agricultural machinery enterprises have been or will be out of the market, and the continuous in-depth adjustment of the market has exceeded the imagination of people in the industry

where is the future of agricultural machinery? As a key factor affecting the trend of agricultural machinery market, policy has become a topic of concern in the industry, which can not be ignored. On July 25, Li Anning, deputy director of the Department of agricultural mechanization of the Ministry of agriculture, explained the issues concerned by the employment sector, from which we can see the future policy priorities

in Li Anning's opinion, the supply of agricultural machinery technology, operation organization, suitable conditions and public services in China is insufficient, and the capacity, quality and efficiency of the supply side of agricultural mechanization need to be improved. In his view, the most important thing to promote the supply side structural reform of agricultural mechanization is to make up for weaknesses, and the fundamental way is system reform and mechanism innovation

"insufficient effective supply is the biggest weakness"

although the national comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvest exceeded 65% in 2016, the development has achieved remarkable results. However, Li Anning believes that, on the whole, compared with the urgent needs of agricultural production and the strong demand of farmers, there are still some structural problems, such as the uneven development of mechanization among industries and regions, the lack of coordination between agricultural machinery and agronomy, the mechanization of production and pre production and post production, and the synchronization between the growth of machinery and the improvement of utilization rate, Firmly controlling the leading target positioning is manifested in the problems of "inorganic availability", "no good machine use" and "organic difficulty" in many aspects

in Li Anning's opinion, the lack of effective supply of new agricultural machinery technologies and equipment is the biggest "weakness" and "bottleneck" in the development of agricultural mechanization at present! At present, there are more than 4000 varieties of agricultural machinery products in China, more than half of the world's agricultural machinery types. However, there are few medium and high-end products, the coexistence of overcapacity and lack of doors and gears, the adaptability and reliability of machines and tools need to be improved, the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy is not enough, and the technical integration and support is not enough

"if a worker wants to be good at something, he must sharpen his tools first". Li Anning believes that it is necessary to focus on scientific and technological innovation, take the combination of agricultural machinery and agronomy, the matching of improved varieties and methods, the equal emphasis on increasing production and efficiency, and the coordination of production ecology as the basic requirements, aim at the green development of agriculture, the adjustment of industrial structure, scale operation and the whole process of mechanization, so as to promote the integrated matching of crop varieties, cultivation technology and mechanical equipment and the mechanized technology matching of all links in the whole production process, and build a standardized, regional Guided by the large-scale whole process mechanized production system, we should pay equal attention to "whether there is" and "whether it is good". With short board machines and tools, high-end products and intelligent equipment as the main direction, we should vigorously increase the effective supply of efficient, cost-effective, green and intelligent machinery, and improve the level of technology integration, support, promotion and application

in combination with the current industry operation situation, although the current agricultural machinery industry is in a serious downward trend, there is no lack of hot spots such as dryer and animal husbandry machinery. Under the fierce competition of a red sea, similar hot spots will be ignited one after another. Li Anning's above statement may indicate that the Ministry of agriculture will focus on the "biggest weakness" of "insufficient effective supply" and will respond to scientific and technological innovation and agricultural machinery subsidy policies. Agricultural machinery enterprises should expand their product lines accordingly and in combination with their comparative advantages of resources

promote relevant parties to reach a consensus on "appropriate opportunities"

Li Anning specifically mentioned that promoting institutional innovation appropriate to opportunities. He bluntly said that due to institutional and other reasons, farmland capital construction, breeding, cultivation and agricultural mechanization belong to different departments. At present, although China's agricultural production mode has entered a new stage dominated by mechanized operation from human and animal power, in many places, the farmland conditions and planting system are still in the stage suitable for human and animal power. Especially in the vast hilly and mountainous areas, the land is fragmented and scattered, and there is a lack of farmland roads, which has become a huge obstacle to "machine replacement"

in Li Anning's opinion, it is necessary to break the traditional thinking mode and work pattern, establish the concept of promoting agricultural mechanization by combining "four good" ideas of improved varieties, methods, fields and opportunities, actively voice, actively carry forward, make efforts to coordinate, promote and facilitate the relevant parties to reach a consensus on "appropriate opportunities", and promote the mechanization adaptability to become the focus of variety breeding, cultivation mode improvement, planting system reform, farmland infrastructure construction Necessary considerations and objectives for land renovation. It pays attention to both source control and process management. In various institutional arrangements such as policies, plans, projects, standards, specifications and assessment, it ensures the supply of "appropriate opportunities" system, creates good "appropriate opportunities" conditions, promotes "four good" supporting facilities, expands the development space of agricultural mechanization, and releases the development potential and vitality of agricultural mechanization

Li Anning said that at present, it is particularly necessary to promote the construction of land suitable for mechanization in Hilly and mountainous areas, increase communication and coordination with development and reform, finance, land and resources and other departments, so as to enable relevant parties to fully consider the needs of mechanized operation services, reform and improve the planning and construction objectives, engineering design standards and construction specifications for high-standard farmland construction, comprehensive agricultural development and land consolidation, Make the institutional arrangement that "portable hardness is our kind of instrument to test the product machine", promote the construction of suitable mechanization of cultivated land in Hilly and mountainous areas, and make the land from small to large, from disorder to smoothness, from slope to ladder, from field to square, from block to block, from canal to canal, and from road to road, so as to lay a good foundation for the development of Agricultural Mechanization in Hilly and mountainous areas

reform agricultural machinery test and appraisal work

in promoting the transformation of scientific research achievements, Li Anning frankly said that the supply capacity of new agricultural machinery products needs to be improved. In his view, it is necessary to strengthen the experimental verification and integrated demonstration of new technologies, new achievements and new products of agricultural mechanization, speed up the formulation and revision of technical standards and application specifications, and increase the support of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies and technology demonstration and promotion funds for new products and technologies, so as to speed up the transformation and promotion of Agricultural Mechanization Scientific and technological innovation achievements

this year, a person in charge of an agricultural machinery enterprise reported that due to the "suspension of the collection of testing and inspection fees for agricultural machinery products", the relevant departments delayed the identification work that should have been within the scope of their duties, resulting in the delay of the company's new products entering the identification procedures, affecting the product marketing. Normal production always hopes to achieve the highest speed and high yield as far as possible, "which not only hinders the development of the industry, but also is not conducive to the promotion of supply side reform."

Li Anning said that he would speed up the reform and innovation of agricultural machinery test and appraisal. Agricultural machinery test and appraisal provides test and testing technical services, test data, appraisal results and other information, supports and guides agricultural machinery scientific and technological innovation and product production, guides and promotes the demonstration and promotion of new agricultural mechanization technologies, and supports the implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policies. It is an important public service product of agricultural mechanization. Agricultural machinery test and appraisal is not only a basic work of agricultural mechanization management, but also an important part of agricultural mechanization supply system

in recent years, due to system and mechanism reasons, the contradiction between insufficient supply and demand of test identification, especially innovation, can also be seen as a short-term process of energy transfer from the outside to the structural system. The problem of difficult product identification is more acute, and the short board of insufficient informatization of public service identification is becoming increasingly prominent. It is an important link to promote the supply side structural reform of agricultural mechanization to make up for the insufficient supply of innovative product identification and identification service informatization and improve the supply capacity of agricultural machinery test and identification

Li Anning frankly said that we should adhere to the goal orientation and problem orientation, reform and innovation, do a good job in "subtraction" such as reducing and consolidating identification classification, reducing identification types and simplifying certificate management methods, do a good job in "addition" such as enhancing innovative product identification, absorbing social institutions to participate in inspection and testing, and strengthening in-process and post event supervision, and do a good job in "multiplication" such as straightening out the implementation management relationship, information disclosure of certified products, interconnection + agricultural machinery identification management services, Efforts should be made to change appraisal methods, optimize appraisal supply, and promote agricultural machinery test and appraisal to a new level

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