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Some costume friends reported that the newly installed door at home made a squeaking sound when opening and closing, which was very annoying. But when they went to the business, they simply refused to admit it. Although the importance of the door is getting lower and lower, it will seriously affect the life experience of the family if it is not done well.

some costume friends reported that the newly installed door at home has a creaking sound when it is opened and closed, which is very annoying. But when they went to the business, they simply refused to admit it. Although the importance of the door is getting lower and lower, it will seriously affect the quality of life of the family if it is not done well. However, ordinary consumers can still master certain skills and install it after inspecting the goods

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after determining the size of the door opening, the professionals of the wooden door manufacturer or decoration company will come to the door to determine the size of the door. Some doors whose opening dimensions cannot be changed need to be customized. Experts said that the openings of some load-bearing walls, such as those with brick or reinforced concrete structures, cannot be changed from small to large, and these openings can only be customized. When the manufacturer comes to measure, the wall thickness and ground height are generally measured

when the door is delivered, because the wooden doors are well packed, consumers can first check whether the outer packaging is damaged. If so, there is likely to be internal damage. In addition, you can also check whether the specification, size, shape and color of the door are consistent with the Convention. However, when looking at the color, consumers do not need to change the door as soon as they find the color difference. Generally speaking, solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors will have some color differences. However, experts remind consumers that the color difference found when opening the package may be an illusion, and they must wait until all doors and covers are installed before observation. If there is still a color difference between a part and the whole, of course, the manufacturer can be asked to replace it

in addition, consumers can ask the manufacturer for a product manual. The contents of the manual should include the introduction of the material, process, environmental protection performance, physical performance and other basic information of the wooden door; National specification requirements for materials and processes; Brief introduction of the company's wooden door technology manufacturing; The wooden door meets the national quality standards and relevant technical specifications; Installation procedures and precautions of wooden doors, etc. With this manual, even if consumers are laymen, they can understand and know a lot. In addition, this manual is also a detailed description of the wooden door. Once there is a problem, it can also be used as a voucher for consumers to protect their rights in the future

when conditions are met, the installation of

wooden doors is a kind of installation project, which can be carried out synchronously with the installation works of sanitary ware, cabinets and so on. According to experts, wooden doors are generally installed after the completion of large-area construction projects after more than half of the project. Specifically, walls, floor tiles, floors, etc. have been paved, and the putty on the wall has been scraped twice, and the finish paint has been brushed once& ldquo; Even if there are some bumps during the installation of the wooden door, it can also be repaired by the last coat of paint& rdquo;

in addition, the specification stipulates that in kitchens, bathrooms, basements and other rooms with high humidity, door jambs are not allowed to directly contact the ground, and a gap of 2-3 mm needs to be left, and then glass glue is applied for sealing, so as to avoid the deformation of products due to humidity. The sheathing fixed on the sheathing board should be close to the wall as much as possible. There is a gap between the door sheathing line and the wall due to the non verticality or uneven thickness of the wall, and the gap needs to be closed with sealant. Experts remind consumers that if wallpaper is pasted on the wall, they must choose neutral glue instead of ordinary glue. Apply waterproof glue evenly at the contact part between the door pocket line and the wall, so that the door pocket line and the wall are firmly combined. If the waterproof glue is exposed, it should be removed in time. In addition, “ The door pocket back plate of the kitchen and bathroom should be treated with waterproof and anti-corrosion treatment to avoid discoloration, paint peeling, mildew and deformation after moisture is absorbed by the door pocket line& rdquo;

in the process of installation, consumers will also have some misunderstandings. For example, foam glue is generally used in the gap between the door jamb and the wall. Many consumers think that they should fight hard and fill all the gaps. However, experts said that in fact, as long as there is a gap of 5 cm between the virtual and the real, it is generally necessary to facilitate the longitudinal expansion and ventilation curing of foam adhesive. Due to the elasticity and plasticity of foam adhesive, if it is pressed too tightly, it will push out the door pocket and not bond closely with the wall. The door pocket will be curved, and the door cannot be closed

check in many ways and do a good job of acceptance

if possible, you can find an expert to help with the acceptance. Ordinary consumers can also accept wooden doors from the following aspects. Whether the opening and closing are normal, whether there is a gap between the lock tongue and the lock plate, and whether the outer surface is intact and not damaged. The most important thing is whether the door is horizontal or vertical. Generally speaking, horizontal and vertical doors, open to a certain place, the door will stop at a certain place, and will not automatically close or open. A simple way to check whether the door is horizontal and vertical is to observe whether the workers install the wooden door and use the infrared level to repeatedly calibrate and debug the door and sleeve

in addition, pay attention to the distance between the door seams. Generally speaking, the gap between the door and the ground must be between 5-8 mm, and the gap between the left and right of the door and the wall should not add up to more than 6 mm, otherwise the wooden door is easy to fail to open when the temperature difference changes; In addition, the upper edge seam of the door shall not exceed 2mm

you can also check whether the opening direction of the door is reasonable. Take the entrance door as an example. If the living room is on the left, the door should open to the right, which is in line with people's living habits

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