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For many people, home decoration is not only a physical work, but also a brain drain

today, with the rapid development of e-commerce, the massive amount of information and exchange transactions on the network enrich every corner of our life. Nowadays, many young citizens who are busy decorating their new homes turn their attention to the network. Some can make several decoration companies compete to quote plans as long as they release a decoration demand information casually, and some even design ideal new homes by themselves, and the decoration materials are also purchased online, Even the construction team is hired through the network

so, this mode of subverting the traditional decoration marketing, while saving money and worry for consumers preparing for decoration, is it reliable to do decoration on the Internet

◆ release online bidding information. Many companies bid

many friends around me said that home decoration is very tiring, especially looking for decoration companies is very troublesome, so I have to run around and compare, so I thought of a new way. Recently, with the completion and delivery of her new house, Ms. Zhou, a citizen, began to calculate the decoration. In order to save the trouble of running to the decoration company, she published a home decoration bidding information on a website providing online home decoration services

after logging in to the website and successfully registering, the online customer service staff told Ms. Zhou that the website was designed to provide a convenient communication platform for the owners and decoration companies. The owners only need to publish the home decoration requirements and the relevant information of the house on the network, and the decoration company that established a partnership with the website will actively contact the owners within 24 hours according to the requirements, so that the owners can get multiple sets of design schemes free of charge without leaving home

after learning about the online bidding operation process, Ms. Zhou spent about 5 minutes to publish the decoration type, decoration budget, decoration time, housing structure, building area, bidding requirements and other information of her house online. To her surprise, less than 2 hours, four decoration companies competed to bid, and each provided Ms. Zhou with a complete set of decoration plans online

I got four plans in only two hours. If I run by myself, it's good to run to the next one. Ms. Zhou said that she was busy at ordinary times and didn't have much time to go to the decoration companies one by one. The result of her online decoration bidding really saved her time, effort and worry. After that, she finally chose to sign a home decoration contract with one of the most cost-effective decoration companies through careful comparison and communication

Ms. Zhou revealed that before the successful online bidding, she also specially checked the evaluation and bidding information of several interested companies from other owners, and exchanged experience with the owners who had finished the decoration. After fully understanding the works of the designers of each company, she made a choice, which not only improved the efficiency, but also avoided the false high budget and saved a lot of decoration costs through bidding





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