14 things owners regret most about decoration

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Home design is a complicated project, but we can't ignore the details. After all, there is a saying called “ Details determine success or failure ”. Only when the details are done well, the daily home life will be more comfortable and convenient after check-in. The following Xiaobian will provide you with 14 decoration tips to teach you how to make your home design more reasonable

tip1 a. a floor plug can be reserved under the dining table to facilitate eating homemade hot pot in winter. Friends in the south, we must use electric heaters in winter. We must remember to plug them in the sofa! b. The lights in the room are not designed with dual control, so you have to get up and turn off the lights before going to bed. This problem basically won't appear now, but we should also pay attention to the decoration design. This point is mainly because if you don't have heating in winter, and you climb into bed and find that you forget to turn off the light, you feel like you've made up your mind at that moment. Tip2 . It is practical and convenient to install a long mirror (which can shine from foot to head) at the entrance porch. In addition, you can also consider installing a low stool and changing shoes while sitting. Tip3 . In addition to the length, width and height of shoes (long and short boots), the space of shoe cabinet should also consider the utilization rate of the width of shoe cabinet when multiple pairs of shoes are placed at the same time. Tip4. divide the kitchen into sections. It is divided into cooking area, food processing area and cooking area, so that the kitchen will not be messy, and it is also very organized. Tip5 . It is not enough to install a ceiling lamp for kitchen lighting. If you can't see clearly, it's small, but if you cut your hand and burn it, it's big. Therefore, it is best to install a separate ceiling light source (downlight, etc.) in advance in several main operation areas (washing, cutting, frying). The lower part of the hanging cabinet is a good place for installing lights. Tip6. It takes a long time for the kitchen faucet to put hot water. The faucet in the kitchen must have hot water. It is easy to wash vegetables and pots in winter without freezing your hands and it is easy to remove oil. However, most homes are connected to the water heater in the bathroom or the solar water heater on the roof, which wastes pipes and a lot of water, and they are in a hurry to wait. Therefore, we recommend xiaoshuibao or instant hot faucet. Tip7 . There are no small lamps or gentle wall lamps in the bedroom. When I get up and go to the toilet at night, I turn on the light, which is particularly dazzling. I feel sleepless instantly, which makes me crazy. Tip8 . If you have three rooms, leave one room as your study. Put the computer and the precious books in it. You can study and work in it. Try not to bring work into the bedroom, which will affect your sleep. The bedroom is for rest and enjoyment, and the study is for work and study. Try to separate them. Tip9 . The lighting of the study is very important, which can greatly reduce eye fatigue. 1. The writing desk shall be located near the window as far as possible; 2. Walls and furniture must be light colored, especially in the area behind the computer monitor. Tip10 . Put a coat hanger in the bedroom. Before going to bed at night (especially in winter), I don't know where to put many clothes after taking them off. It's too messy to put them on the table. Tip11 . Storage space is designed under the bed. It is designed into a large drawer structure (or divided into small drawers), and everyone likes this kind of space to be used reasonably. But pay attention to ventilation under the bed. Tip12 . The position where the seasonal quilt is placed on the upper layer of the wardrobe is made into a removable movable partition, which can make better use of the three-dimensional space. Tip13 . Pay attention to the placement of the air conditioner. For example, the air conditioner in some bedrooms just blows at the head of the bed, and it will blow very falsely at night. Although, the air outlet of the air conditioner can be adjusted. Tip14 . Try not to use the retro lamp with the lamp mouth upward for the chandelier. Although beautiful, it has large light loss and dust accumulation. Once there is a problem with the line, it is difficult to repair it. The most important thing is to seriously affect the brightness, and the room is dark. Summary: in the decoration, we often pay attention to the appearance design, which has more effects, and these problems are generally very troublesome for owners after they move in, so we can't ignore the design while pursuing appearance





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